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    MasterFlow 648 - An epoxy high strength foundation grout

    How does MasterFlow 648 work?

    MasterFlow 648 is a high performance epoxy grouting material for support and precision fixing of heavy equipment to ensure the proper transmission of static and dynamic loads to the equipment foundation.

    MasterFlow 648 is a three component product: epoxy base, reactor and selected aggregates. The aggregate addition can be varied to suit different placing requirements. MasterFlow 648 is a low exothermic epoxy grout and can be used in section thickness’ up to 300mm thick.

    Once cured, MasterFlow 648 has a high compressive and flexural strength. The product exhibits very low creep even at elevated temperatures and has good chemical resistance.

    What is MasterFlow 648 used for?

    MasterFlow 648 has been designed for use in the following industries and has a proven global track record:

    • The gas transmission industry made MasterFlow 648 the industry standard for grouting large compressors as well as other equipment.
    • The steel industry selects MasterFlow 648 series grout for foundations under crushers, ball mills, rod mills slab tables, scale breakers, bolt pockets, and other heavy equipment.
    • The mining, power, pulp and paper, and chemical industries are also successfully using MasterFlow 648 grout in a variety of applications

    What are the benefits of MasterFlow 648?

    MasterFlow 648 is a versatile product that provides many benefits to both the applicator and end-user:

    • The product is manufactured in large pack sizes, which are essential for industrial scale foundation grouting.
    • The aggregate content can be minimised to increase flow or maximised to increase possible thickness.
    • The product has an extended pot life that is ideal for large jobs, particularly at elevated temperatures.
    • The excellent mechanical properties of the grout ensure that equipment remains well fixed throughout its serviceable life.


    MasterFlow 648_TDS

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