Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP), China

Waterproofing and protection for an integrated water supply and wastewater treatment plant

MasterSeal 7000 CR Project Reference

Location: Shanghai, People Republic of China

Market sector: Wastewaste treatment

Product used: 

  • MasterSeal 7000 CR

  • MasterSeal P 770

  • MasterSeal M 790

Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP) is one of the China’s most heavily-invested industrial projects specializing in the petrochemical and fine chemicals businesses. In the development of their new phase 5 construction, SCIP called for anti-corrosion protection solutions for wastewater treatment facilities, including homogenization tanks, neutralizing tanks, anoxic ponds, aeration tanks, secondary sedimentation tanks and service reservoirs, that handle 50,000 tons of industrial sewage daily, over a protection area exceeding 12,000 m2 in total.

Combining unique application and performance features to meet the challenges of harsh wastewater environments, MasterSeal 7000 CR, based on the latest XolutecTM technology, is the ideal waterproofing and concrete protection solution for SCIP. 

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MasterSeal 7000 CR application