MasterSeal: Waterproofing Membranes, Deck Membranes, Water Tight Joint treatment and Sealants


How does MasterSeal work?

The MasterSeal portfolio of hand and spray-applied waterproofing & sealing products are formulated to protect structures from water/moisture ingress in variety of new or existing structures. Our versatile, market leading and innovative technologies are suitable for waterproofing and sealing all types of buildings including roofs, roof gardens, car parks, traffic decks, industrial sites, water management facilities for potable water and wastewater, and below ground structures.

What makes MasterSeal a unique solution for customers?

Local construction expertise coupled with over 100 years of product manufacturing knowledge have led to countless high profile construction and waterproofing successes worldwide. Our global network of experts provides owners, investors, specifiers and applicators with the technical solutions necessary to complete challenging projects.

In demanding applications, such as those on deep basements, roof gardens, parking decks, bridges and stadiums, where structures are constantly exposed to the elements and subject to aggressive conditions, our high-performance MasterSeal waterproofing solutions deliver outstanding durability and long life cycles.

The construction industry benefits from our detailed knowledge of the reinforcement concrete corrosion and role of water ingress, coupled with over a century of concrete repair and protection knowledge. This positions Master Builders Solutions to be the leader in providing water tight construction worldwide. Our superior technologies are strenuously tested to ensure adherence to local standards and high performance under local environmental conditions.

Watertight one-stop solutions for all structures

Our tailored product combinations comprise the fastest and easiest to install technologies available. We create a complete system solution approach, resulting in the most cost-effective and time-efficient waterproofing solution for each individual project.


MasterSeal 955 FLASHSEAL

All purpose, self-adhesive, instant waterproofing and repair tape
Below-Grade Waterproofing

MasterSeal 730 PA

Pre-applied waterproofing membrane for below-grade waterproofing
Cementitious Waterproofing

MasterSeal 540

Flexible, cementitious waterproofing membrane

MasterSeal 501/502

Surface applied capillary waterproofing system for concrete and block work

MasterSeal 555

Flexible, polymer cement waterproofing slurry

MasterSeal 583

Waterproof cement-based coating for concrete

MasterSeal 590

One-component, cement-based, fast-setting water-stop repair mortar
Deck Membranes

MasterSeal Traffic 1500 MD

Medium duty traffic deck crack-bridging waterproofing system

MasterSeal Traffic 2000 HD

Traffic deck crack-bridging waterproofing system

MasterSeal Traffic 2500 HD

Heavy duty Traffic deck crack-bridging waterproofing system
Joint Treatment & Ancillaries

MasterSeal 901

Vinyl Ester Methacrylate resin for crack injection via injection hoses and packers

MasterSeal 909

A re-injectable hose waterstop system for construction joints between concrete elements

MasterSeal 910

Hydrophillic pre-formed swelling waterstop system for joints between concrete elements

MasterSeal 912

Single component, polymer-based, hydroswelling mastic for construction joints waterproofing

MasterSeal 930

Sealing tape for irregular and unconventional joints
Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membranes

MasterSeal HLM 5000R

Single component, moisture curing, pure polyurethane based waterproofing membrane cured by reaction with atmospheric moisture forming a tough membrane

MasterSeal Roof 3000

Liquid applied crack bridging waterproofing membrane for exposed situations

MasterSeal Roof 3500

Chemically resistant protective epoxy coating.

MasterSeal 10 WB

High quality, versatile, gap filler and sealer

MasterSeal 121

Anti-fungal, sanitary grade silicone sealant

MasterSeal 122

Multi-purpose, premium quality, silicone sealant

MasterSeal 123 NS

Non-staining, premium performance, silicone sealant

MasterSeal CR 460

Polyurethane joint sealant

MasterSeal GG 470

Two component high performance polysulfide based elastomeric joint sealant

MasterSeal HY 495

Hybrid ultra-high performance, façade and structural sealant

MasterSeal NP 472

One part polyurethane based elastomeric joint sealant

MasterSeal NP 474

Resilient, durable primerless polyurethane sealant and adhesive
Underground Waterproofing

MasterSeal 345

Sprayable membrane for waterproofing concrete structures and water management
Wastewater Management / Waterproofing & Protection

MasterSeal 7000 CR

Protection and waterproofing for extreme wastewater facilities conditions

MasterSeal M 689

MasterSeal M 689 is a high elastic, solvent-free, ultra-fast curing, spray applied polyurea membrane for use in waterproofing applications 

New Generation of Cementitious Waterproofing

Application of MasterSeal waterproofing systems


Brochure: MasterSeal - Roofing Solutions

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