Ucrete – Heavy-duty polyurethane industrial resin flooring

Why choose Ucrete industrial resin flooring?

  • Durable. Excellent impact and wear resistance. Ideal for food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Uniform and seamless flooring system that is hygienic and hinder biological growth.

  • Chemical and thermal shock resistant. Ucrete surfaces retain their integrity at temperatures of up to 130°C as well as strong acids to alkalis, fats, oils and solvents which can rapidly degrade other types of resin flooring. 

  • Slip resistant. Wide range of surface profiles from smooth and terrazzo systems to ensure safe and efficient working environment.

A reliable partner for your hygienic flooring needs

Ucrete is a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Path) approved product by HACCP International, enabling safe specification into all areas of food handling and manufacturing environments to safeguard against the risk of food contamination crises. 

Ucrete MF AS

Anti-Static, Heavy Duty Polyurethane finish

Ucrete DP

Heavy-duty non-slip polyurethane hybrid flooring system

Ucrete IF

Iron armored heavy duty polyurethane hybrid floor system

Ucrete MF

Heavy-duty polyurethane hybrid flooring system

Ucrete RG

Heavy-duty polyurethane hybrid render

Ucrete TZ

Heavy-duty polyurethane terrazzo floor finish

Ucrete Destruction Challenge


Brochure: Solutions for Construction Sytems

pdf (1.62 Mb)

Brochure: Ucrete - Solutions for the Meat Industry

pdf (2.99 Mb)

Brochure: Ucrete - Solutions for the Poulttry Industry

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