​​Precast Producers

Optimized concrete mixes, reduced costs, superior finish

To stay competitive, there is a constant need for pre-cast concrete producers to increase quality, productivity and reduce costs within tight production schedules.

Precast concrete producers have come to increasingly rely on new, innovative admixture technology developed by BASF for the Master Builders Solutions brand – as well as one-on-one customer support. Our innovations bring value, help increase production efficiency, and improve the aesthetics, strength and durability of elements.

Our broad-based premier MasterGlenium product portfolio is unmatched. This wide-ranging availability of water-reducing product choices offers precast concrete producers customized solutions to meet their specific requirements, with particular focus on reduced operational cost and improved working conditions. MasterGlenium products can be combined with the MasterSure technology to provide the desired slump retention performance. Complementary products have also been developed to assist in the striking of forms and molds, and to enhance the concrete’s surface finish and aesthetics.

MasterFiber​: Comprehensive solutions for fiber reinforced concrete​​

MasterFinish: Solutions for formwork treatment and surface improvement​

MasterGlenium: Solutions for high-performance concrete

MasterKure: Solutions for concrete curing​

MasterLife: Solutions for enhanced durability​

MasterPolyheed: Solutions for mid-range concrete

MasterRheobuild: Solutions for high strength concrete​

MasterSet​: Solutions for set control

Master X-Seed: Solutions for energy efficient pre-cast concrete