​MasterLife 222 - Organic corrosion inhibiting admixture

How does MasterLife 222 work?

MasterLife 222 functions by inhibiting corrosion at its most critical points. MasterLife 222 lines the pores of the concrete matrix thus waterproofing and slowing the rate at which chlorides and moisture enter the concrete and denying the corrosion process of its two most important components.

What makes MasterLife 222 a unique solution?

Reduces a structures service life costs.

MasterLife 222 provides additional protection by adsorbing onto the reinforcing steel to form a corrosion resistant protective film. This protective film dramatically slows the corrosion process by preventing chlorides from reacting with the reinforcing steel, and by depriving the corrosion process of moisture and oxygen, thus slowing the rate of corrosion once it begins.

How can you benefit from Master Life 222?

MasterLife 222 also extends the service life of reinforced concrete by slowing the ingress of chlorides and moisture into the concrete and by forming a strong, durable protective film on the reinforcing steel for a second level of corrosion protection. This dual mechanism system makes MasterLife 222 effective with all cement factors, as well as in cracked concrete where the elements that cause corrosion have direct access to the reinforcing steel.​


MasterLife 222: Technical Data Sheet

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