Innovations that shape the world we live in


With continued research and development into new technologies, products and chemical solutions, we lay the foundations for our customers' long-term success.

These products, technologies and solutions, under the Master Builders Solutions brand, maximize work productivity, durability and longevity and therefore sustainability in construction projects throughout the world. Leveraging the technologies and know-how available in BASF's global R&D network, our innovations address the current and emerging needs of customers for projects concerning new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures.

Here are some of our recent innovations:

Innovations for concrete admixtures

Concrete is the single most widely used man-made material in the world. With our innovations in next generation admixtures, BASF meets the key challenges of the concrete construction industry through:

  • Retaining workability

           Workability retaining admixtures MasterGlenium Sky and MasterSure provide extraordinary long slump retention in concrete.

  • Smart Dynamic Concrete

           New generation MasterGlenium, MasterPolyheed and MasterMatrix form highly flowable, durable and self-consolidating concrete for faster placement and increased durability.

  • Accelerating concrete hardening

           Master X-Seed is based on our seeding technology and out performs any other method of concrete hardening.

Flooring innovations

  • Installing heavy-duty floors faster

           The latest flooring solution from our Ucrete industrial flooring solutions, Ucrete Fast, reduces installation time from 48 hours to less than 12 hours.

Waterproofing innovations

  • Mastering key waterproofing challenges

           The MasterSeal 6100 FX one component rapid curing cementitious membranes can be used as waterproof linings in water retaining structures.

Grouting innovations

  • Safe base for wind mills

           The MasterFlow 9500 Fatigue resistant Exagrout is an ultra high strength cement based Exagrout for grouting offshore wind turbine installations.