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    Facts & Figures

    Master Builders Solutions  offer advanced chemical solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair or renovation of structures. Our employees form a global community of construction chemicals experts that are passionate about solving our customers’ specific challenges at all stages of construction as well as throughout the lifecycle of the structure.

    Master Builders Solutions  combines its technological know-how and comprehensive product portfolio to provide the right solutions, based on our experience gained in countless construction projects worldwide.

    Master Builders Solutions portfolio:

    Concrete admixtures, cement additives, solutions for underground construction, waterproofing systems, concrete repair and protection systems, performance grouts, flooring systems.

    Employees 2017 (Construction Chemicals division of Master Builders Solutions):

    6.500 employees worldwide.

    Sales 2017 (Construction Chemicals division of Master Builders Solutions):

    Approx. €2.4 billion.

    Close to local markets:

    130 production sites in 60 countries worldwide (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific).

    Master Builders Solutions in South Africa:

    Ingula Pumped Storage Scheme

    • 2 Reservoirs maximum capacities of 22.43 million m³ and 26.26 million m³
    • 4 Machines generating max power of 360 MW each
    • 1 Intake canal: width 25 m – 49.27 m; depth 5 m – 15.45 m; length 840 m
    • Headrace tunnel inlets: internal diameter 6.6 m concrete and 5.1 m steel; lengths to surge shafts for tunnel 1-2 and 3-4 > 1000 m
    • 2 Pressure incline shafts and tunnels: length > 1 000 m
    • 2 Headrace surge shafts: internal diameter 16.5 m; height 191 m
    • 2 Tailrace surge chambers: internal diameter 20 m; height 109.3 m
    • Tailrace tunnel: internal diameter 9.4 m; length 2340 m
    • MasterRoc SA 160        = 3 089 000 liters
    • MasterGlenium 27          = 1 151 000 liters
    • MasterGlenium 118        = 1 126 000 liters
    • MasterMatrix 110           = 611 000 liters

    De Hoop Dam

    • Overall dam wall length of 1020 m
    • Maximum wall height of 88 m
    • Spillway length of 110 m
    • Gross reservoir capacity at F.S.L. of 347 million m³
    • New RCC placing process – IVRCC (Immersion Vibrated RCC)
    • Record for placing 131 000 m³ in 28 days
    • Lifts of 500 m long, 80 m wide and 1.4m high
    • 1 000 000 m³ concrete
    • MasterPozzolith 600 R   = 2 383 000 liters
    • MasterGlenium 561 M    = 665 000 liters

    Helping to master construction challenges

    Every construction project is different and poses specific challenges for our customers. From the tallest building in the world to the longest bridge in the world, Master Builders Solutions​’s comprehensive portfolio of products and services under the Master Builders Solutions brand continues to break statistical records in construction:

    • Using the MasterGlenium Sky high-level water-reducing admixture, we pumped concrete 691 m high using only one concrete pump to make the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, Dubai.
    • We can keep concrete fresh for 72 hours.
    • We can make workable and flowable concrete with 120 mm aggregate… and then we can pump it.
    • We supplied the chemical solutions for the world’s biggest tunnel boring machine 15.2 m in diameter.
    • A total of 600.000  m³ of concrete was cast using self-compaction concrete technology to create the Akashi Grand Bridge – the world’s longest suspension bridge.