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    Sprayed Concrete Products

    ​Sprayed concrete technology has revolutionized tunnel construction and mining operations since the middle of the 20th century. The development of material science and performance together with advances in spraying equipment technology have made sprayed concrete the building material of choice for today’s underground construction projects. 

    Due to its nature as a spray-applied material, sprayed concrete offers excellent surface sealing and ground strengthening as it perfectly fits the excavation contour, hardening and gaining strength in a remarkably short time frame. It has allowed the construction of subsurface structures that were not possible before. 

    The development of modern wet-mix sprayed concrete in particular has contributed considerably to this effort. Furthermore, the proven quality of sprayed concrete has led to it being used more and more as a permanent support solution, replacing the traditional cast in-situ inner concrete lining. ​

    MasterFiber 150

    Structural polypropylene fibre for reinforcing sprayed concrete

    MasterFibre 154

    Polypropylene and macro fiber for use in concrete

    MasterGlenium 27CH

    New generation high range water reducing admixture primarily developed for the readymix concrete industry and self-compacting concrete

    MasterRoc CLN 800

    Liquid cleaning agent for agitator barrels and concrete residue

    ​MasterGlenium Sky 3610

    Workability - Retaining Admixture - High Range Superplasticizer

    MasterRoc HCA 10

    Cement hydration control system for wet and dry sprayed concrete, grouting and cement injection

    MasterRoc MS 610

    Densified silica fume for cast and sprayed concrete

    MasterRoc SA 160

    Alkali-free, liquid high performance set accelerator for sprayed concrete

    MasterSeal 345

    Spray applied waterproofing membrane for tunnel concrete composite shell linings

    Sprayed Concrete SA

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