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    Mining & Tunneling

    MasterFiber 150

    Structural polypropylene fibre for reinforcing sprayed concrete

    MasterFibre 154

    Polypropylene and macro fiber for use in concrete

    MasterFlow 916 AN

    Polyester Resin Based, Anchoring Mortar

    MasterFlow 936 AN

    Pure epoxy (3:1) resin based high performance anchoring grout

    MasterGlenium 27CH

    New generation high range water reducing admixture primarily developed for the readymix concrete industry and self-compacting concrete

    MasterRoc CLN 800

    Liquid cleaning agent for agitator barrels and concrete residue

    MasterRoc MG 01

    High yield thixotropic cable bolt grout

    MasterRoc MG 03

    High strength flowable grout for long strand cables and strata binding

    MasterRoc MG 04

    High early strength, high yield, thixotropic cable bolt grout

    MasterRoc MG 100

    Thixotropic grout additive to improve corrosion protection to rock & cable bolts

    MasterRoc MG 46

    Low to medium density foaming grout

    MasterRoc MP 367

    Highly reactive, two component polyurea silicate injection foam for cavity filling and ground consolidation

    MasterRoc MP 368 TIX

    Highly reactive, thixotropic and fire resistant two component polyurea silicate injection resin for ground consolidation in highly fractured strata

    MasterRoc MP351

    Highly reactive, two component polyurethane injection foam to stop high volume water ingress and for ground consolidation

    ​ MasterRoc RBA 380

    Highly reactive, thixotropic polyurea silicate anchoring resin for rock bolting

    ​ ​MasterRoc RBA 387

    Highly reactive, thixotropic polyurea silicate injection resin for rock bolt installation

    ​MasterGlenium Sky® 3610

    Workability - Retaining Admixture - High Range Superplasticizer

    MasterRoc FLC 100

    A powdered admixture for the production of non-shrink, high strength grouts for posttensioned cables and fixing anchors or bolts in concrete or rock

    MasterRoc HCA 10

    Cement hydration control system for wet and dry sprayed concrete, grouting and cement injection

    MasterRoc MF 308

    High-performance admixture for improved homogeneity, pumpability and placeability of low-cohesion mine backfill mixes

    MasterRoc MF 501

    High-performance plasticizing and water-reducing admixture for mine backfill mixes

    MasterRoc MF 701

    High-performance backfill admixture

    MasterRoc MP 650

    Fast setting micro fine Portland cement for injection into rock and soil

    MasterRoc MS 610

    Densified silica fume for cast and sprayed concrete

    MasterRoc SA 160

    Alkali-free, liquid high performance set accelerator for sprayed concrete

    MasterSeal 345

    Spray applied waterproofing membrane for tunnel concrete composite shell linings