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    Crystalline Waterproofing

    The crystaline waterproofing system ensures a total and permanent solution to water leakage, ingress, or seepage in concrete structures or any cementitious substrate. The formation and development of insoluble crystals into water bearing capillaries and interstices effectively blocks the further passage of water. Crystaline waterproofing is supplied as a powder and consists of a blend of moisture activated chemicals, high grade silica aggregates and selected cements which mixed on site to a slurry consistency with potable water.

    Crystaline waterproofing is equally effective against both negative and positive water or osmotic pressure. Wherever possible however, crystaline waterproofing should be applied to areas with which the water is in direct contact. This will result in an accelerated rate of penetration and crystallisation into the concrete structure. After the crystallisation process has successfully waterproofed the structure, the crystaline waterproofer active chemicals remain dormant in the concrete. Any later contact with water will reactivate the sealing process.

    MasterSeal 501 WA

    Crystalline Waterproofing admixture for Concrete

    MasterSeal 501

    Surface applied capillary waterproofing system for concrete and block wor
    Crystalline Waterproofing

    Contact Person

    Jacques Marais

    CS Segment Manager

    +27 72 613 2463


    Masterseal Solutions for waterproofing your structure - South Africa

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