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    Bitumen Waterproofing

    Polymer-modified asphaltic waterproof coatings are bitumen-based fluid-applied coatings often for below-grade applications. Asphalt has very good water resistive properties, however lacks strength at ambient temperature and flexibility at lower temperatures. Formulations using polymer-modified asphaltic emulsions see major improvements in coating performance.

    Master Builders Solutions' portfolio offers depth and breadth of technological knowledge in raw materials for traditional polymer-modified asphaltic waterproofing coatings including styrene butadiene latex polymers and formulation additives to optimize performance.​

    MasterSeal 620

    A bitumen / rubber latex emulsion. Surface applied, flexible, damp and vapour-proof liquid membrane.

    MasterSeal 725 SA

    SBS self-adhesive bitumen waterproofing membrane for sub-structures and deck application

    MasterSeal 729 STR

    SBS elastomeric bitumen-based torch-applied waterproofing membrane with anti-root property

    MasterSeal 732 AT

    APP plastomeric polymer-modified bitumen-based torch-applied waterproofing membrane with non-woven polyester reinforcement

    MasterSeal 735 AT

    APP plastomeric bitumen torch-applied membrane with stabilized non-woven polyester felt reinforcement

    MasterSeal P 700

    Fast drying solvent base bitumen primer for bitumen sheet membrane

    MasterSeal TC 699

    Aluminium UV reflective coating for bituminous membrane

    Bitumen Waterproofing

    Contact Person

    Jacques Marais

    CS Segment Manager

    +27 72 613 2463


    Masterseal Solutions for waterproofing your structure - South Africa

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