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    ​Injection Products

    Avoid the Unexpected with Pre-Injection 

    Unexpected water ingress and poor ground conditions during underground construction usually escalate costs, can have a negative influence on the environment, and inevitably cause significant delays. To counteract these risks, an economical approach is to pre-inject the ground ahead of the advancing face to avoid water ingress occurring, and to stabilize the ground. Microcements and colloidal silica, the latter also known as mineral grout, allow a cost-effective approach and improve working safety with minimal environmental consequences. 

    Water Stopping 

    Foaming, water-sensitive polyurethanes are ideally suited to combat water ingress quickly and effectively. For particularly difficult cases the solution is a combination of drainage and the injection of a fast-reacting foaming resin. 

    Ground Consolidation 

    Fast-reacting and non-water-sensitive polyurea silicate systems quickly stabilize poor ground. The high-foaming version is excellent for void filling. The less water-sensitive polyurethanes are also suitable to strengthen the ground. 

    Crack Sealing and Concrete Rehabilitation 

    The range of acrylic resins are particularly suitable for rehabilitation injection for cast concrete, segment linings and brick & masonry lined tunnels.​​

    MasterRoc MP 355

    Highly reactive, two component polyurethane injection foam to stop high volume water ingress and for ground consolidation

    MasterRoc MP 367

    Highly reactive, two component polyurea silicate injection foam for cavity filling and ground consolidation

    MasterRoc MP 368 TIX

    Highly reactive, thixotropic and fire resistant two component polyurea silicate injection resin for ground consolidation in highly fractured strata

    MasterRoc MP 650 SR

    Sulphate resisting micro fine Portland cement for rock and soil injection

    MasterRoc MP 900 SR

    Sulphate resistant ultrafine Portland cements for injection into rock and soil

    MasterRoc FLC 100

    A powdered admixture for the production of non-shrink, high strength grouts for posttensioned cables and fixing anchors or bolts in concrete or rock

    MasterRoc MP 650

    Fast setting micro fine Portland cement for injection into rock and soil
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