Concrete Repair & Structural Reinforcement

MasterBrace ADH 1414

MasterEmaco N 303

Single component polymer modified fairing coat / cosmetic mortar for concrete surfaces

MasterEmaco N 304

Cementitious repair mortar for non structural cosmetic repairs

MasterEmaco S 5410 CI

High-strength, rapid setting, shrinkage compensated, fibre reinforced, structuralrepair mortar with active corrosion inhibition

MasterEmaco S 730

Thixotropic fibre reinforced, polymer repair mortar

MasterEmaco S 750

Shrinkage controlled micro-concrete for all types of structural repairs

MasterInject 1315

Low viscosity crack injection resin

MasterSeal 599

An elastomeric, cement-based waterproof coating for concrete and masonry

MasterBrace LAM

High Strength and High Modulus Unidirectional Pultruded Carbon Fiber Laminates

MasterBrace P 3500

MasterBrace SAT 4500

MasterSeal 550

Acrylic reinforced cementitious, flexible waterproof coating

MasterSeal 590 (Formerly Thoro Waterplug)

Fast setting mortar to plug active water leaks in concrete and masonry