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    High-performance and Fast curing sealant and waterproofing products in South Africa

    ​Master Builders Solutions offer High-performance and Fast curing waterproofing and sealant products in South Africa for water tank and roof leakages, traffic decks and car park, bridges and stadiums, water management facilities and wastewater, pipes, belowground structures.

    Moisture penetration is one of the most critical challenges facing concrete structures. Interior or exterior, above or below grade, unprotected structures can suffer from water-induced damage, including deterioration and corrosion caused by alkalis, salts, acids and mold. Liquid-applied high-performance membranes and cementitious coatings provide a seamless barrier to seal walls and penetrations against the most damaging conditions. Protection can be enhanced further through the use of admixtures that facilitate low concrete permeability, such as integral crystalline capillary waterproofing admixtures.​

    Master Builders Solutions South Africa waterproofing and sealant products advantages

    ​​Superior new waterproofing technologies

    Our superior technologies are strenuously tested to ensure adherence to local standards and high performance under local environmental conditions.​

    Local waterproofing construction expertise

    Our local construction expertise coupled with over 100 years of product manufacturing knowledge have led to countless high profile construction and waterproofing successes worldwide. 

    Global Network of Waterproofing Experts

    Our global network of experts provides owners, investors, specifiers and applicators with the technical solutions necessary to complete challenging projects.

    Fast and easy to install waterproofing technologies

    Our tailored product combinations comprise the fastest and easiest to install technologies available. We create a complete system solution approach, resulting in the most cost-effective and time-efficient waterproofing solution for each individual project.

    High performance waterproofing traffic membranes

    In demanding applications such as those on parking decks, bridges and stadiums, where structures are constantly exposed to the elements and subject to abrasive conditions, our high-performance waterproofing traffic membranes deliver outstanding durability and long life cycles.

    Detailed knowledge of the corrosive environment​

    The construction industry benefits from our detailed knowledge of the corrosive environment in wastewater facilities, coupled with over a century of concrete repair and protection knowledge. This positions Master Builders Solutions​ to be the leader in water management solutions worldwide. 

    Master Builders Solutions​ sealants are designed to create a tenacious bond allowing for movement between two or more surfaces while preventing water, moisture or contaminates from entering the structure. These bonds durably resist water and chemical attack, protecting the integrity of the structure, even in high movement and moisture environments.

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