Heavy Duty Polyurethane Fast Slurry Primer For Ucrete Flooring Systems


Ucrete PRIMER FS is a rapid curing solvent free slurry primer applied by squeegee and trowel at a thickness of 0.3 to 1mm.  Ucrete PRIMER FS is not a finished floor and must be overlaid by the appropriate Ucrete floor finish.

Where is UCRETE PRIMER FS applied?

Ucrete PRIMER FS is applied as a flowing slurry to prepared concrete substrates to completely seal the substrate prior to overlaying with Ucrete industrial flooring and provides a smooth even substrate.  Ucrete PRIMER FS is the primer of choice for use with all Ucrete floors wherever speed of installation is important. 

What are the advantages of UCRETE PRIMER FS? 

- Expert installation by fully trained licensed applicators.
- Suitable for application on to 7 day old concrete and 3 day old polymer screeds.
- Allows application of suitable Ucrete flooring systems after approximately 12 hours at 20°C.
- High temperature resistance for floors in extreme environments.

Product Information:

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