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    ​New Products

    ​We are a global leader enabling sustainable construction with innovative concrete admixtures and pioneering underground construction solutions.​

    Master Builders Solutions is one of the leading suppliers of concrete admixtures and underground construction solutions worldwide. With over a century of experience in the construction industry, we leverage cutting-edge technologies, a global community of experts at the core of our business, as well as in-depth knowledge of local building needs to provide innovative and sustainable solutions. Our latest products can be found below:

    ​MasterGlenium SKY 925 is a superplasticizer based on a unique blend of state of the art polymers. Its particular configuration allows its delayed adsorption onto the cement particles and disperses them efficiently. 

    MasterPolyheed 425 is a ready-to-use innovative mid-range water-reducing admixture, effective in producing concrete with different levels of workability for applications such as pumping and flatwork

    MasterCO2re 3700 is a superplasticizer based on the Intelligent Cluster System (ICS) Technology for low clinker concrete production

    MasterCO2re 1000 is a high range water reducing admixture for concrete

    MasterLife CI 35is a ready to use admixture based on calcium nitrate, that performs as corrosion inhibiting admixture in steel reinforced concrete.​

    MasterLife WP 588​ is an elastomeric watertight coating forming a brushable or sprayable membrane for concrete and masonry.  

    MasterLife WP 590​ provides a ready to use versatile mortar for filets and plugs in concrete and masonry or tie bar applications.​​​

    MasterGlenium 399​ is a unique blend of powdered super-plasticizers based on modified polycarboxylic ether for use in dry silo systems  ​​