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    Solutions for Power Floated Concrete Floors

    Power floated concrete is a concrete finish achieved using a machine designed to smooth, and to a certain extent, level a newly laid concrete floor once all bleed water has evaporated. When carried out correctly, power floated concrete produces a smooth, very dense and hard-wearing surface finish, suitable for highly trafficked areas.

    Application Areas 

    Industrial Warehouses and Factories: Power-floated concrete floors are popular in industrial settings due to their durability and resistance to heavy traffic, abrasion, and impact.
    Commercial Spaces: Power-floated floors provide a clean and polished look, making them suitable for retail environments.
    Transportation: Power-floated concrete is used in areas with high foot traffic, such as terminals and concourses.
    Distribution Centres: Power-floated floors can withstand the movement of pallet jacks, forklifts, and heavy loads typical in distribution environments.
    Manufacturing: Power-floated concrete is used in manufacturing plants where smooth floors contribute to a clean and efficient work environment.
    Education: Power-floated concrete floors are employed in corridors, cafeterias, and other high-traffic areas in educational facilities.
    Public Spaces: Power-floated concrete can be used in outdoor areas where a durable, low-maintenance surface is required.


    • Smooth and polished surface - One of the benefits of power floated concrete is its aesthetic finish. Power floating results in a smooth and polished surface which gives the floor an attractive shine.
    • Increased durability - Power floated concrete bears the weight of heavy machinery such as forklifts extremely effectively, making it the perfect choice for industrial flooring.
    • Resistant to cracking - Power floating essentially recompacts the concrete, and plastic-shrinkage cracking, potentially caused by the concrete drying too quickly, is closed together again.
    • Dust-free - A power float finish creates a dense surface where the surface is heavily compacted, eliminating the dust that is often a problem with unfinished concrete floors.

    MasterFinish SLB 101

    MasterFinish SLB 101 - Water-reducing admixture for industrial concrete floor slabs with power-floated finishes

    MasterFinish SLB 101 has been specifically developed for use in power floated concrete applications. It’s unique formulation is designed to permit usage across a wide variety of concrete constituent material types. Due to the nature of its formulation, MasterFinish SLB 101 gives a wide operating window, and tolerance to minor dosing equipment variations. 

    One of the major risks with using admixtures in concrete’s that are to be power floated, is the potential for delamination to occur due to the natural method of action of modern water reducing admixtures. MasterFinish SLB 101 contains a unique chemical method of reducing this delamination potential to as low as possible. 

    Using MasterFinish SLB 101 also ensures that the impact on concrete setting times is as neutral as possible, with it causing neither undesired acceleration or undesired retardation.


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    Application Guide Teaser Image

    Application Guide

    This product application guide has been developed to provide an overview of the unique solutions developed by Master Builders Solutions for achieving maximum performance in power floated concrete


    MasterFinish SLB 101: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (191.99 Kb)

    MasterKure 207WB: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (155.44 Kb)

    MasterLife SRA 900: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (147.14 Kb)