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    Intelligent Cluster System for Low-Clinker Concrete Production​

    ​How does MasterCO2re work ?

    MasterCO2re concrete admixtures are based on an Intelligent Cluster System (ICS) which releases its dispersing effect over time. A part of the polymers is free and available in solution and is immediately used for the first dispersion and initial reduction of the water. The polymeric structures, combined in the different clusters, optimize the maintenance of the workability and the hydration reaction of the cement, adapting the polymer release mechanism to the different characteristics of both the cement matrix and the additional cementitious materials. 

    ​What makes MasterCO2re a unique solution for customers?

    MasterCO2re products , thanks to their exclusive mechanism of action, offer the following benefits:

    • superior workability and excellent rheology even at high temperatures, which allow easy pumping and placing of concrete; 
    • they allow the clinker content in pre-mixed and precast concrete to be significantly reduced, maintaining a low water/cement ratio which allows for high mechanical resistance to compression.​​

    The revolutionary solution from Master Builders Solutions becomes a valid contribution that allows the performance limits of a low clinker content concrete to be overcome, allowing the use of high volumes of additional cementitious materials, while safeguarding a high quality of the concrete.

    MasterCO2re at a glance - 
    Excellent maintenance of workability
    Excellent rheology
    Excellent compressive mechanical strength properties
    Unrivaled robustness

    Finding the ideal additive for lightweight precast is critical to success.
    The MasterCO2re product line is accompanied by Master Builders Solutions technical assistance. By listening to our customers and working closely with them, we are able to offer new and cutting-edge products, developing specific solutions to produce concrete efficiently and cost-effectively.​​

    MasterCO2re Products

    MasterCO2re 1000

    High range water reducing admixture for low clinker concrete production

    MasterCO2re 3602

    High range water reducing admixture for low clinker concrete production, with superior rheology and reduced mixing time

    MasterCO2re 3700

    Superplasticizer based on the Intelligent Cluster System (ICS) Technology for low clinker concrete production 

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    MasterCO2re - Sustainable Concrete Performance Brochure

    pdf (14.14 Mb)

    MasterCO2re Article - Concrete Engineering

    pdf (1.97 Mb)

    MasterCO₂re Video

    Intelligent Cluster System for Low-Clinker Concrete Production

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    Unveil the power of MasterCO2re - Intelligent cluster system simplifies low-clinker concrete production

    Learn more to achieve sustainable concrete performance


    MasterCO2re 3602: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (103.88 Kb)

    MasterCO₂re 1000: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (145.79 Kb)

    MasterCO₂re 3700: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (179.00 Kb)