Master X-Seed - Advanced concrete hardening accelerator


How does Master X-Seed work?

Under the Master Builders Solutions brand from BASF, we offer the revolutionary Master X-Seed product group that accelerates concrete hardening at early stages of curing.

What makes Master X-Seed a unique solution?

Based on new technology, this unique product can double early strength performance and increase productivity in concrete production without affecting the other performance characteristics of the concrete. In particular, late strength development is not affected adversely.

Master X-Seed Products

MasterX-Seed 100

Master X-Seed 100 is an engineered suspension of crystal seeds containing nanoparticles, designed to boost the hydration process of early age cement (6-12 hrs).
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Fluid Concrete in the Precast Industry Brochure

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Master X-Seed - Advanced Accelerator for Concrete Brochure

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