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    One-stop solution for manufactured concrete producers

    How does MasterCast for manufactured concrete work?

    ​The MasterCast family of admixtures offers a wide range of concrete-enhancing products specifically formulated to produce high-grade manufactured concrete.

    What makes MasterCast different?

    The MasterCast series of solutions improves the quality of manufactured concrete products, increasing the efficiency of the industry’s highly automated processes, helping concrete producers to save time and money.

    What does the MasterCast range include?

    The MasterCast product range consists of:
    • Performance-enhancing admixtures
    • Water-repellent admixtures
    • Efflorescence-controlling admixtures
    • Hydrophobic-pore-blocking admixtures
    • Rheology-controlling admixtures​

    MasterCast Products

    MasterCast 864

    MasterCast 864 water inducer and finishing aid for MCP gives flexibility when using extra mixing water. Improve finish and strength development, avoid slump/sag.

    MasterCast 701

    MasterCast 701 is a high range water reducing admixture for manufactured concrete products, specially engineered for hollow-core slabs and mixes needing high water reduction

    MasterCast 777

    MasterCast 777 is a high range water reducing admixture specially designed for use in Manufactured Concrete Products

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    MasterCast 701: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (68.11 Kb)

    MasterCast 777: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (264.37 Kb)

    MasterCast 864: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (65.38 Kb)


    Solutions for Aerated Autoclaved Concrete Brochure

    pdf (470.33 Kb)

    Aerated Autoclaved Concrete

    Master Builders Solutions offers a broad portfolio of innovative solutions for the aerated concrete industry. The admixtures improve the entire AAC production process: MasterCast allows faster and more efficient production.