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    ​MasterCO2re 3700

    Superplasticizer based on the Intelligent Cluster System (ICS) Technology for low clinker concrete production 

    What is MasterCO2re 3700

    MasterCO2re 3700 is an innovative superplasticizer, based on the Intelligent Cluster System (ICS) Technology, developed in the R&D Laboratories of Master Builders Solutions. MasterCO2re combines the performances of fluidification, extended workability retention, high early and ultimate strength with superior rheology, in one single solution. It improves considerably the pumpability, placing and finishing of concrete, simplifying the operations for all construction activities.

    This advanced technology provides the perfect choice for stable and robust concrete performance in challenging low-clinker applications, paving the way for a more responsible future in the construction industry.

    Areas of Application  

    MasterCO2re 3700 is especially engineered for ready-mix rheoplastic concrete having fluid consistency and for self-compacting concrete, to impart exceptional rheological properties and ensure exceptional workability retention, in all weather conditions.

    MasterCO2re 3700 is chloride free, meets UNI EN 934-2 and is compatible with all cements meeting the EN 197-1 and EN 197-5 standard.

    Features and Benefits

    MasterCO2re 3700 offers the following main benefits:

    • ​Unmatched robustness: With rapidly changing cement types and binder compositions, nowadays the stability and quality consistency of concrete is a challenge in the daily operations of concrete plants. MasterCO2re successfully counteracts the potential of high-water absorption and other undesirable effects caused by the variation in chemical and mineralogical composition of the binders.
    • Advanced rheology: Concrete with MasterCO2re has lower viscosity and is easier and faster to pump and place, as compared to state-of-the art admixtures in the market. Thanks to this superior rheology, the content of water can be further reduced without compromising the pumpability and ease of placing, even in concrete mixes with reduced clinker amount.
    • Extended workability retention: Thanks to the Intelligent Cluster System technology, MasterCO2re releases the polymer over time, ensuring consistent flowability and workability during the transportation and placing of concrete. MasterCO2re 3700 is offers the solution 365 days a year, as the workability retention is achieved without retardation in setting and hardening.
    • Excellent strength properties: MasterCO2re promotes the formation of a denser and more homogeneous structure of cement hydrates, which is reflected into optimal strengths development.

    The Intelligent Cluster System (ICS) Technology

    MasterCO2re, thanks to its Intelligent Cluster System (ICS), can immediately release a portion of its available engineered polymers for initial water reduction. The finely tuned chemical structures of the diverse clusters adapt the release mechanism of the polymers to the characteristics of the cement matrix, thereby optimizing both workability retention and cement hydration. In this way, MasterCO2re successfully controls the absorption rate and ensures consistently high performance of the concrete.


    MasterCO₂re 3700: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (179.00 Kb)

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    MasterCO₂re 3700: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (179.00 Kb)