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    Green Sense Concrete 


    Environmental policy and sustainability are core issues within the concrete construction industry. Producers and contractors are increasingly being expected to preserve natural resources while continuing to produce quality products, and thus are searching for construction methods, practices, and products that will promote these objectives. The shift to an environmentally conscious marketplace requires the innovative development of products, practices and procedures.

    The Technology

    With Green Sense Concrete, Master Builders Solutions offers a revolutionary advanced concrete mixture proportioning service that achieves new levels of performance, economics and sustainability. Green Sense Concrete is an environmentally preferable, cost-effective concrete with optimized proportions in which supplementary cementitious materials, non-cementitious fillers, or both, are used with specially formulated admixtures, to meet or exceed performance targets.

    Green Sense Concrete is a novel concrete that, relative to a baseline reference mix, attains desired setting characteristics, strength, durability and, if needed, a higher workability at a reduced cost to the producer. The innovative Green Sense Concrete allows producers to increase their profitability, provide the contractor with a user-friendly mix that pumps and places efficiently, and offers the opportunity to positively influence the environment.

    Why Green Sense Concrete is a sustainable technology

    • Uses advanced mix optimization techniques to increase the amount of supplementary cementitious materials (e.g. Pulverised Fuel Ash, Ground Granulated Blastfurnace Slag)
    • Lowers energy demands, CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts per unit volume of concrete produced
    • Uses inert filler materials that may otherwise end up in landfills

    Green Sense Concrete Service Concept

    The Green Sense Concrete mix optimization service begins with selecting the performance targets for a specific application. Master Builders Solutions then analyses locally available raw materials, determines the reactivity levels of cement and supplementary cementitious materials, and matches their performance to regionally formulated chemical admixtures. The combination of Master Builders Solutions​ proprietary, advanced mix optimization software and proportioning expertise results in a customer and application-specific mix design that is economically and ecologically optimized.

    Benefits of Green Sense Concrete

    Green Sense Concrete is optimized for cost, aesthetics, performance and environmental impact, so many tangible benefits can be realized by the entire construction team.


    • Optimized and economical concrete composition cost
    • Faster truck discharge time - better fleet utilization
    • Desired setting time, workability retention, and strength performance


    • Highly workable concrete
    • Good pumpability and finishing characteristics
    • Faster placement and production
    • Consistent concrete performance


    • Desired aesthetics and durability performance
    • Lower shrinkage and cracking potential
    • Contributes towards sustainability accreditation schemes

    Environmental Agencies/Community:

    • Less cement used per cubic metre of concrete produced and, therefore, less energy and CO2
    • Less by-product materials targeted for landfill
    • Lower overall environmental impact