MasterRoc STS 112

Pre-bagged, fine concrete for "dry process" shotcrete


What is MasterRoc STS 112?

MasterRoc STS 112 is a ready to use one pack polymer modified fine concrete specially designed for spray application by the 'dry-mix' method.  It contains fumed silica, high range water reducing admixtures and carefully graded aggregates.  The ingredients are carefully selected to give minimum dust during spraying.  They are chosen so as to be classified as 'non-reactive' and the system developed to have an alkali content (expressed as Na2O) of less than 3.0kg/m³. MasterRoc STS 112    meets the requirements of Department of Transport Specification Series 1700 (1701, 1704 1993 and BD 27/86 Pt. 5).

What is MasterRoc STS 112 used for?

  • Large areas of concrete repairs
  • Refurbishment of columns, bridges, tunnels, retaining walls
  • Single high build application
  • Repair of fire damaged structures, marine structures, piers, quays, off-shore platforms etc
  • Sealing of mine roadways, tunnels etc
  • Rock and embankment stabilisation, swimming pool construction

What are the  benefits of using MasterRoc STS 112?

  • Single component - ready to use
  • Non-reactive aggregate
  • High build - up to 150mm can be applied at one pass
  • Low rebound - grading and formulation allow for excellent application and compaction with minimum loss of aggregate through rebound
  • Low dust - formulation ensures dust is kept to a minimum
  • Safe to handle - no added caustic accelerators
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and steel
  • Rapid strength gain
  • Low water absorption and chloride ion diffusion
  • High resistance to carbon dioxide penetration


MasterRoc STS 112: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (93.87 Kb)