MasterRoc ACP 143

An anti-clay polymer for earth pressure (TBM)

How does MasterRoc ACP 143 work?

MasterRoc ACP 143 creates a stable foam and can be used with the standard foam generators installed on EPB machines. It can be injected at the cutter-head, into the working chamber and screw conveyor.

What is MasterRoc ACP 143 used for?

MasterRoc ACP 143 is a liquid polymer, specially designed for clayey soils with clogging and adhesion.

What are the benefits of MasterRoc ACP 143?

MasterRoc ACP 143 offers the following benefits:

  • Reduction of clogging and adhesion effects on the cutter-head
  • Creation of a plastic soil material which can be easily excavated and transported
  • Avoiding re-agglomeration of clay chips to blocks
  • Reduction of cutter-head torque
  • Increase in TBM speed

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MasterRoc ACP 143: Technical Data Sheet

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