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    How to Apply MasterFinish 380 

    ​MasterFinish 380 from Master Builders Solutions is a surface retarder that is applied to freshly placed concrete to achieve an architectural pleasant look exposed aggregate finish. But how does it work? The exposed aggregate finish is achieved by applying the set retarder to the surface of the freshly placed concrete. This prevents the mortar paste in the top few millimetres of the concrete from setting, allowing it to be washed away the following day to expose the decorative surface aggregate.

    The set retarder in MasterFinish 380 contains a coloured dye to help ensure complete and even coverage. However, some dye colours can be hard to see when applied to fresh concrete, especially on darker-coloured concretes that contain oxide pigments.
    1. To apply MasterFinish 380, spray it evenly at a rate of 250ml per square meter.
    2. Review the sprayed areas, checking to see if any areas have been missed. The yellow dye makes it easy to determine which areas have already been sprayed, guaranteeing              complete and uniform coverage with each application.
    3. After waiting for 12 hours, to ensure the concrete slab sets, without compromising the surface aggregate.
    4. Finally, use a brush and/or a pressure washer to complete the process, resulting in an exquisite exposed aggregate finish.

    MasterFinish 380 offers a flawless solution to obtain a uniform, high quality, exposed aggregate finish fresh concrete. The new formulation is non-staining and simple to apply, and the addition of yellow dye guarantees complete and equal coverage with each use.

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