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    News 8/01/2024

    Industry Events Calendar 2024

    The key industry events allow us to connect with one another, sharing knowledge and experiences in face-to-face and online environments.

    News 3/05/2023

    Dr Boris Gorella appointed CEO of Master Builders Solutions under new ownership of Cinven

    News 26/04/2023

    MasterFiber 143: The New Alternative to Traditional Steel Mesh Reinforcement

    Providing an alternative to traditional steel mesh reinforcement, has been sought after by concretes and shotcrete nozzlemen worldwide for more than 50 years. The answer, luckily has come in the form of fibres .

    News 22/03/2023

    How to Apply MasterFinish 380

    MasterFinish 380 from Master Builders Solutions is a surface retarder that is applied to freshly placed concrete to achieve an architectural pleasant look exposed aggregate finish. But how does it work?

    News 28/11/2022

    ​​​​​Using MasterSuna RCT 323 recycled aggregate in new concrete

    Master Builders Solutions, together with one of its valued customers in Western Australia, decided to conduct a full-scale trial encompassing the entire process from start to finish, including treating the returned concrete and introducing the treated material back into a fresh concrete mix as a partial coarse and fine aggregate replacement at a range of percentages of total aggregate. The trial demonstrated how treated material was reintroduced, as well as the cost savings associated with purchasing aggregates, haulage and dumping.

    News 15/11/2022

    ​​​​From Strength to Strength – MasterBrace Gives Bridges A New Lease On Life

    Recognising that it’s not always possible, practical or affordable to completely replace a bridge, Master Builders Solutions offers a number of highly effective and more affordable options for reinforcing and strengthening existing bridges – effectively extending their service life by increasing their load-carrying capacity.

    News 7/10/2022

    ​​Hot Weather Concreting - Ensure A High-Quality Concrete Finish, Every Time

    Anyone who has ever worked with concrete will tell you, placing and finishing in hot, dry conditions can be a major challenge. The combination of high temperatures, winds and low humidity can increase the rate of evaporation of moisture from the fresh concrete – accelerating the rate of cement hydration. This, in turn, can lead to a number of significant problems with concrete placement and finishing, including plastic shrinkage cracking, increased permeability, a reduction in final strength, and a sub-standard slab.

    News 19/09/2022

    ​Rock Bolting Solutions for Every Underground Environment

    No two underground construction projects are the same. Geotechnical conditions vary considerably across a project, which can result in a range of construction methods being utilised across a single project. With that in mind, it’s also clear that when it comes to anchoring grouts, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution. That’s why Master Builders Solutions has developed a specialist range of innovative, high-performance anchoring solutions to suit every type of project in ground conditions.

    News 5/09/2022

    MasterRoc RBA 380 – The Innovative Anchoring Alternative to Traditional Rock Bolt Grouting

    In mining, the deeper the excavation, the greater the geotechnical challenges. As the depth increases, so do the rock stresses affecting the strata. Ensuring the stability of the strata is of paramount importance – not only in protecting the personnel but also the mine itself.

    News 2/09/2022

    MasterRoc RBA 380 – Rapid Results without Compromising Safety

    When it comes to mining and underground construction, safety is paramount – especially when it comes to the stability of the strata. Ensuring the stability of the strata is a critical factor in protecting both the personnel and the mine itself.

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