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    Facebook 18/01/2021

    Two-component grouts are pumped during mechanized tunnel driving between the soil and the segmental lining to fill the gaps behind the shield tail. But what is their impact on the behavior of the ...

    Facebook 14/01/2021

    The famous sports museum Rafa Nadal Xperience in Mallorca, Spain, combines exhibition and interactive gaming for its visitors. This approach is also reflected in the modern, creative design of ...

    Facebook 14/01/2021

    Concrete uses three basic ingredients in its creation: Portland cement, water and aggregates. The result? A material that is strong, durable and low maintenance which is widely used in the ...

    Facebook 13/01/2021

    Registrieren Sie sich zu unserem neusten kostenlosen Live Online Seminar "Betonbau im Winter“ Unsere Experten teilen ihr Wissen zu effektiven Winterbaumaßnahmen und erklären wie ...

    Facebook 13/01/2021

    Nowadays, spray-applied double-bonded waterproofing membranes are used in several projects around the world and contribute to durability and serviceability, as well as increase the sustainability ...

    Facebook 7/01/2021

    For a quiet and pleasant working atmosphere it is essential not to overlook a major factor in office acoustics – the flooring. Our decorative flooring system MasterTop 1327-20dB is the ideal ...

    Facebook 5/01/2021

    To ensure structural integrity and maximum durability of the foundation, the concrete used in the construction of bored piles must meet a variety of flowability and stability requirements. The ...

    Facebook 5/01/2021

    #MasterFact: Did you know that over 2,000 years ago the Roman architect, Vitruvius, wrote in his celebrated work “De architectura” that a structure must exhibit these three qualities: - ...

    Facebook 4/01/2021

    Eine wesentliche Rolle im Umweltschutz spielt der Schutz von Gewässern, Grundwasser und insbesondere Trinkwasserressourcen. Wasseraufbereitungsanlagen leisten dazu einen wichtigen Beitrag. Der ...

    Facebook 4/01/2021

    We at Master Builders Solutions would like to wish all of our colleagues, business partners, friends and family in Myanmar a Happy Independence Day!

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