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    Concrete setting-time adjusters

    How does MasterSet work?

    The MasterSet product family is a comprehensive range of admixtures that allow concrete producers to modify the setting time of concrete according to their specific project needs.

    What makes MasterSet a unique solution?

    Depending on the product selected, MasterSet supplies admixtures that enhance acceleration or retardation as well as hydration controlling products that are ideal for the stabilization of long haul concrete.

    The MasterSet range consists of:

    • Ready to use setting-time retarders that increase concrete setting time for a more uniform and predictable quality concrete that facilitates placing and finishing.
    • Setting time accelerators that decrease concrete setting time, improving early concrete strength and finishing characteristics.
    • Our system of innovative hydration controlling admixtures that control cement hydration, providing a economical alternative for dealing with slump loss, and allowing for returned plastic concrete or concrete wash water to be reused or recycled.

    Having the right admixture partner is vital for success.

    The MasterSet product family comes with the Master Builders Solutions technical support team from Master Builders Solutions. By listening to our customers and working closely with them we are able to introduce new and exciting products and develop specific solutions for the most efficient and cost-effective concrete production.

    MasterSet AC 102

    Liquid admixture that accelerates concrete setting times and produces high-early strength in special application concrete

    MasterSet AC 800

    Non-chloride water-reducing admixture that provides water reduction and increased setting time of concrete under cold winter conditions

    MasterSet RT 122

    Liquid polymer admixture formulated to retard concrete setting times to facilitate placing and finishing 

    MasterSet AC 534

    Non-chloride liquid admixture that accelerates concrete setting times under cool winter conditions to produce high early strength 

    MasterSet Delvo Easy

    Extended storage and re-use of truck mixer washwater and fresh concrete

    Direct contact

    Jason Cichon

    Segment Manager ANZ: Concrete Admixtures

    0407 694 464


    Admixture Product Performance Guide

    pdf (479.88 Kb)

    Admixture Systems Brochure

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