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    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Producing Concrete: Admixtures & Superplasticisers 

    Our innovations in admixtures add value and reliability to concrete production and construction

    Having the right admixture partner is vital to the success of any concrete producer. Master Builders Solutions leads the construction industry as an innovator of advanced products, including concrete admixtures such as superplasticisers. These advanced products are perfect for ready mix, precast/prestressed solutions, concrete masonry, paving and underground construction markets to improve concrete's placing, pumping, finishing, appearance, performance and sustainability characteristics.

    Plasticisers and Superplasticizers

    We offer a comprehensive line of high-quality concrete plasticisers and superplasticisers in Australia and New Zealand to increase the performance and efficiency of concrete production and placement, as well as complementary admixtures to improve the strength, durability, water resistance, aesthetics and sustainable attributes of concrete.

    View Our Full Range of Concrete Plasticiser Admixtures

    Our water-reducing admixtures allow for the production of high-strength, durable concrete. These plasticisers can be found under the MasterGlenium​, MasterPolyheed​, MasterRheobuild​ and MasterPozzolith​ product families and can be combined with our MasterSure​ technology to enhance slump retention without impacting set time.

    ​​MasterGlenium SKY - The Superplasticizer for Ready-Mix Concrete for Total Performance Control

    MasterGlenium SKY 8100 - High range water reducing / superplasticising admixture with impro​ved slump retention which helps accelerate the cement hydration process
    MasterGlenium SKY 8379 - New generation polycarboxylic ether hyperplasticiser for high performance concrete
    MasterGlenium SKY 8700 - New generation superplasticising ad​mixture for extended slump retention
    MasterGlenium SKY 8703​ - New generation superplasticising admixture for extended slump retention​
    MasterGlenium SKY 8708​ - New generation, high range water reducing admixture with super retaining technology for premix, precast and shotcrete applications

    ​MasterPolyheed - Non-chloride, mid-range water-reducing concrete admixtures​​​​

    MasterPolyheed 8191 - New generation robust Poly Carboxylate Ether (PCE) based water reducing and set-retarding admixture
    MasterPolyheed 8820​ - New generation, normal to mid-range water reducer with superior slump retention, pumping and finishing
    MasterPolyheed 8830 - New generation mid-range water-reducing admixture designed to improve the performance of concrete in both the plastic and hardened states
    MasterPolyheed 8840 - Mid-range water reducer with superior pumping and finishing properties
    MasterPolyheed 8875 - New generation PCE based water reducing admixture
    MasterPolyheed 8960​​ - New mid-range admixture for low viscosity, improved rheology & manufactured sands​

    MasterPozzolith - Ready-to-use water-reducing admixtures for lower strength concrete​

    MasterPozzolith 55R​ - Unique retarder with mild plasticizing properties which delays the hydration process, thereby used to retard concrete, mortar and cement grouts
    MasterPozzolith 80 - Strength increasing liquid admixture used for producing more economical concrete whilst reducing the quantity of mixing water required
    MasterPozzolith RT 300​ - Polymer admixture used for improving concrete​ predictability and quality by retarding setting time to facilitate placing and finishing
    MasterPozzolith 370​ - Non-chloride water-reducing admixture formulated to improve the performance of concrete in both the plastic and hardened states
    MasterPozzolith 400 - Polymer based, water reducing admixture designed to deliver an economical alternative to admixtures for premix and precast applications
    MasterPozzolith 1350​ - Non-chloride, water-reducing admixture formulated to accelerate concrete setting time under cold winter conditions​

    MasterRheobuild - High-range water-reducing admixtures with rheoplastic properties​

    MasterRheobuild 1000NT​ - High range, water-reducing, retarding admixture with superplasticizing properties formulated​​ to produce rheoplastic concrete

    ​MasterSure - Slump retention technology for concrete​​

    MasterSure 1008​​ - New generation super slump retaining aid ​for extended slump retention​

    Specialty Concrete Admixture Products

    Our specialty line of auxiliary concrete admixtures and plasticisers modifies concrete characteristics to:
    • Assist in the stripping of forms
    • Control setting time
    • Provide self-levelling characteristics
    • Entrain air
    • Mitigate corrosion, sulphate attack, and alkali-silica reaction
    • Improve the concrete’s surface appearance and aesthetics

    Through world-class, innovative admixtures, Master Builders Solutions helps producers develop concrete with exceptional performance characteristics, including strength on demand, robust stability, high levels of workability, enhanced extrusion, anti-washout performance and crack control.​​

    MasterAir - Air-entraining admixtures with advanced freeze-thaw durability

    MasterAir 905 - Air entraining admixture for concrete to maintain desired air content for better quality concrete​
    MasterAir 940 - Air entraining admixture for concrete​ that entrains optimum air content for improved plasticity, workability and durability

    ​MasterCast​​ - Concrete enhancers for manufactured concrete producers​

    MasterCast 602 - Liquid admixture that improves performance in normal and lightweight concrete masonry
    MasterCast 1101 - Liquid admixture designed to increase production efficiency in concrete masonry​​
    MasterCast 1102​​ - Plasticising admixture for use in no-slump concrete​ to enable a faster production rates

    ​MasterCell - Ready-to-use density reducing admixtures

    Maste​​rCell 25​​ - Controlled Low-Strength Materials (CLSM) Admixture​ used in backfill and structural fill used in-lieu of compacted soil

    ​​MasterFiber - The advanced alternative to steel reinforced concrete​

    MasterFiber 141 - Polypropylene fibre for reinforcement in sprayed concrete and cast concrete applications as alternative and/or supplement to existing concrete reinforcement products
    MasterFiber 142 - Polypropylene fibre for reinforcement in sprayed concrete and cast concrete applications as alternative and/or supplement to existing concrete reinforcement products
    MasterFiber F 018 - Fibrillated micro polypropylene fibre designed to provide a high-performance concrete reinforcement system
    MasterFiber M 018​​ - Monofilament micro polypropylene fibre designed to provide a high-performance concrete reinforcement system

    MasterFinish - Superior concrete surface and finish enhancing admixtures

    MasterFinish RL 211 - High quality water-based surface consolidation and form release agent that can reduce/eliminate concrete surface imperfections
    MasterFinish RL 212 - High quality water-based surface consolidation and form release agent​ that can reduce surface imperfections in precast, prestressed and poured in place concrete
    MasterFinish 222 - General purpose chemical release agent used for all types of formwork which provides excellent architectural finishes
    MasterFinish 380 - Surface retarder that delays mortar paste setting used to expose the aggregate in horizontal concrete surfaces
    MasterFinish CLN 820​​ - Thixotropic liquid cleaning agent with corrosion inhibition used for agitator barrels in concrete trucks

    ​MasterKure - Making the difference to concrete performance and durability

    MasterKure CC 100WB - Wax emulsion curing compound​ that forms a flexible film preventing concrete from drying out in early stage hydration
    MasterKure 111 - Evaporation retardant and finishing aid for fresh concrete which retards water evaporation during trowelling and combats rapid-drying conditions
    MasterKure 250 - Water based hydrocarbon resin curing compound used for newly placed concrete which forms a flexible film preventing concrete drying out in early stage hydration
    MasterKure 402 - Solvent based curing compound and sealer which can form membranes for use on plain or coloured concrete
    MasterKure 404​ - Water-based acrylic copolymer curing compound and sealer for use on plain or coloured concrete

    MasterLife - Durability enhancing concrete admixtures

    MasterLife 300D​ - Crystalline capillary waterproofing admixture for concrete which reduces water/liquid penetration whilst allowing the concrete to breathe
    MasterLife 2006 - Powdered corrosion inhibiting concrete admixture supplied in a convenient, degradable bag for easy dosing of mixes
    MasterLife CI 30 - Corrosion-inhibiting admixture for steel reinforced concrete
    MasterLife SF100 - Silica fume mineral admixture which is a pozzolan, reacting chemically within the concrete to increase strength and impermeability
    MasterLife SRA 200​​ - Liquid chemical admixture that is formulated to reduce drying shrinkage and cracking in concrete

    MasterMatrix - Durable self-consolidating concrete polymers

    MasterMatrix 220 - Rheology modifying additive for concrete & shotcrete
    MasterMatrix 362 - Viscosity modifying admixture which is ready-to-use and specifically developed for enhancing cement viscosity and controlled rheological properties
    MasterMatrix 614 - Performance admixture for aiding the pumpability and finishability of concrete
    MasterMatrix UW 440​​ - Anti-wash out admixture for use in underwater concrete or piling applications

    ​MasterPel - Water resistant, efflorescence-controlling concrete admixture

    MasterPel 240​​ - Water repellent and efflorescence control admixture​ that enables increased production rates of visually appealing concrete products

    ​MasterSet - Concrete setting-time adjusters

    MasterSet Delvo Easy - Extended storage and re-use of truck mixer washwater and fresh concrete
    MasterSet AC 102 - Liquid admixture that accelerates concrete setting times and produces high-early strength in special application concrete
    MasterSet AC 534​ - Non-chloride liquid admixture that accelerates concrete setting times under cool winter conditions to produce high early strength 
    MasterSet AC 800 - Non-chloride water-reducing admixture that provides water reduction and increased setting time of concrete under cold winter conditions
    MasterSet RT 122​​ - Liquid polymer a​dmixture formulated to retard concrete setting times to facilitate placing and finishing 

    MasterSuna - Returned concrete recycling​

    Master​​Suna RCT 323​​ - Returned concrete admixture designed to rapidly stiffen fresh concrete eliminating the need for onsite concrete crushing and​  landfill disposal​​

    Master X-Seed - Advanced concrete hardening accelerator

    Master X-Seed 1500​ - Hardening accelerating admixture for concrete and shotcrete​ ​​​​designed to boost the hydration process of early age cement​