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    MasterEmaco - Concrete Repair Solutions 

    Whether due to environmental hazards, elements or wear and tear, concrete degrades over time. Depending on the type of structure, concrete can be very difficult and costly to repair. The MasterEmaco repair system assists in solving an array of problems, providing workers with the ability to repair damaged concrete. Our non-shrink structural grouts, mortars and fairing coat solutions allow you to restore concrete’s structural integrity and aesthetic appeal without overhauling the entire structure.

    How Does the MasterEmaco Repair System Work?

    The MasterEmaco product system from Master Builders Solutions offers comprehensive solutions for concrete that has been damaged or deteriorated by changing weather conditions, chloride ions, contaminants and extreme environments. 
    The MasterEmaco portfolio of primers, cementitious grouts, resinous repair mortars, high-strength flowable grouts,and fairing coats makes up a complete-system approach for replacing deteriorated concrete and re-establishing the original strength, structural integrity and aesthetics.

    What Makes the MasterEmaco Strengthening System a Unique Solution?

    MasterEmaco’s high-performance products re-establish concrete’s long-term durability and load-bearing capacity. Any repairs will match the concrete’s original strength, improve aesthetics, and prolong the structure’s lifecycle. In other words, you’ll get the benefits of new structure, at a fraction of the cost.

    Specialist Support From Our Experts

    Along with innovative products, customers also receive on-site and technical support from the Master Builders Solutions team of experts. By diagnosing the underlying cause of deterioration, our specialists develop the most suitable repair strategy to prevent further damage and deliver lasting protection.

    A Full Range of MasterEmaco Products

    Surface Priming - Water or resinous-based primer assist in creating a clean and homogenous surface for repair mortars. These primers contain corrosion inhibitors for the lasting protection of steel reinforcements.

    Structural repair - Universal, fast-setting repair and levelling mortars re-establish the integrity of deteriorating structures.

    Non-structural repair - Cementitious repair mortars restore non-structural concrete elements.

    Fairing coats - Match a new surface to the original concrete's colour and texture for a smooth, seamless and homogenous look.

    Binders & Primers

    MasterEmaco 2525

    Solvent free epoxy binder and structural adhesive​ used to produce a range of epoxy resin based mortars 

    MasterEmaco P 157

    SBR polymer based bonding and modifying agent for concrete and mortars

    MasterEmaco P 5000AP

    Cement based, bonding and active protective primer for the protection of reinforcement steel with corrosion inhibiting additives

    Non-structural Repair

    MasterEmaco N 102CI

    Cementitious trowel applied lightweight polymer modified repair mortar with active corrosion inhibition used in concrete repair

    MasterEmaco N 5200CI

    Universal, fast-setting, polymer modified, fibre reinforced, light weight repair mortar with active corrosion inhibition for concrete repair

    MasterEmaco N 5100

    Cementitious polymer modified thin layer fairing mortar suitable for levelling damaged concrete surfaces

    Structural Repair

    MasterEmaco S 488 CI

    Structural repair mortar with active corrosion inhibition which provides high bond to steel and concrete

    MasterEmaco S 5300 CI

    Lightweight, mid strength, polymer modified, fibre reinforced, structural repair mortar with active corrosion inhibition

    MasterEmaco S 5400 CI

    High strength, shrinkage compensated, fibre reinforced, structural repair mortar with active corrosion inhibition

    MasterEmaco S 5440CI

    Flowable, structural repair mortar with active corrosion inhibition used on concrete elements to reduce shrinkage and cracking

    MasterEmaco S 620

    Cementitious, high Alumina hand applied repair mortar for sewer repair or acid/abrasion resistance due to hard wearing properties

    MasterEmaco S 680

    Cementitious spray applied repair mortar using dry shotcreting systems for aggressive environments

    MasterEmaco S 682

    Cement based shotcrete mix with reduced rebound used for sewer repair or where acid abrasion resistance is required

    MasterEmaco S 820CI

    Cementitious spray applied repair mortar with reduced rebound and active corrosion inhibition​ used for civil and mining applications 

    MasterEmaco S 822CI

    Cementitious spray applied repair mortar for cathodic protection overlays designed for civil and mining applications

    MasterEmaco S 902

    Cementitious rapid setting repair mortar with high bond strength for underwater repair and restoration work

    Traffic Repair

    MasterEmaco T 920CI

    Cementitious, high strength, trafficable repair mortar with active corrosion inhibition for repair of concrete surfaces

    MasterEmaco T 2040

    Rapid setting repair mortar for industrial flooring offering excellent resistance against impact, abrasion and chemical attack

    MasterEmaco T 545

    Rapid setting trafficable repair mortar that sets in 15 minutes used for highway and heavy industrial repair jobs

    Direct contact

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    Andrew Sarkady

    National Industry Advocate Civil Infrastructure – Transport

    0418 530 763


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