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    Mastering underground construction challenges with MasterRoc

    The MasterRoc product range is comprised of market-leading innovations and application expertise for the tunneling and mining industries. Our reliable, customer focused solutions include several outstanding technologies:

    • Sprayed concrete performance enhancers including: accelerators, fibers, slump retainers, and plasticizers.
    • Sprayable bonded waterproofing membranes that form a unique and integral part of composite tunnel lining designs.
    • Injection and membrane technologies delivering safety, economy and performance to the mining and tunneling industries.
    • Leading range of chemical technologies that ensures the safe and economical operation of tunnel boring machines.

    What makes MasterRoc a unique solution for customers?

    The MasterRoc product range is designed to be a single source for all of our customers’ underground construction needs. In addition to a wide range of products, our globally connected team assists our customers in selecting the right products and systems, providing the best, most cost-effective and complete solutions based on innovation and technology, allowing our customers to operate successfully and to the highest safety standards.

    Global underground construction expertise

    The MasterRoc product range, supported by MBCC Group’s global underground construction experts, is a world leader in the provision of reliable solutions that are focused on the needs of tunneling and mining engineers, owners and contractors. By connecting with our customers from project start-up, we provide solutions ranging from product selection to training and application consultancy.

    Anti-abrasion Agent

    MasterRoc ABR 5

    Liquid anti-abrasion agent for Hard Rock and EPB Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM)

    MasterRoc MF 503

    Robust polymer admixture for improving cementitious mining backfill mixes

    MasterRoc MF 505C

    Concentrated polymer admixture for improving cementitious mining backfill mixes, particularly those with high clay contents

    MasterRoc MF 506

    Polymer admixture for improving cementitious mining backfill

    MasterRoc MF 501

    High-performance plasticizing and water-reducing admixture for mine backfill mixes

    MasterRoc MF 701

    High-performance backfill admixture
    Cable Bolting / Anchoring

    MasterRoc MG 01

    High yield thixotropic cable bolt grout

    MasterRoc MG 100

    Thixotropic grout additive to improve corrosion protection to rock & cable bolts

    MasterRoc FLC 100

    Chloride free, powder form admixture for use in the production of grouts to protect post-tensioned cables in prestressed concrete

    MasterRoc MP 356

    General purpose high density polyurethane foam

    MasterRoc MP 900S

    Ultrafine cement for injection into rock and soil

    MasterRoc MP 325

    Solvent-free, low viscosity, hydrophilic grout for rock injection and consolidation of sand and silt strata

    MasterRoc MP 350

    One component water sealing injection resin for cracks and fissures in concrete and rock

    MasterRoc MP 355

    Highly-reactive, two-component polyurethane injection resin

    MasterRoc MP 364 Flex

    Highly-reactive, two-component fire-resistant polyurea-silicate injection resin for strata consolidation

    MasterRoc MP 367 Foam

    Highly reactive, two-component, polyurea silicate injection foam for filling and ground consolidation

    MasterRoc® MP 355 1K

    Sprayed Concrete

    MasterRoc HCA 20

    Chemical, cement hydration control admixture

    MasterRoc STS 10

    Cementitious based shotcrete mix for sprayed applications

    MasterRoc MS 695

    Liquid colloidal silica

    MasterRoc SA 160

    Alkali-free, liquid high-performance set accelerator for sprayed concrete

    MasterRoc SA 167

    High performance alkali free set accelerator (AFA) for rapid production, durable sprayed concrete applications
    Tail Sealants

    MasterRoc TSG 800

    MasterRoc TSG 800 is a tail sealant for shielded tunnel boring machines (TBMs). 

    MasterRoc TSG 6

    Tail sealant for shielded tunnel boring machines

    MasterRoc TSG 7

    Tail sealant for shielded tunnel boring machines (TBM)

    MasterRoc TSG 9

    Tail sealant for shielded tunnel boring machines (TBM)

    MasterRoc MG 04

    High early strength, high yield, thixotropic cable bolt grout

    MasterRoc RBA 380

    Highly reactive, fire resistant thixotropic polyurea silicate injection resin for rock bolting​


    Injection Solutions Brochure

    pdf (3.70 Mb)

    MasterRoc MP 364 Flex Technical Data Sheet: MasterRoc

    pdf (114.44 Kb)

    Project Reference: Cadia East Mine

    pdf (170.84 Kb)

    Project Reference: Legacy Way Tunnel

    pdf (421.65 Kb)

    TBM for Underground Construction

    pdf (6.00 Mb)