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    Why choose Ucrete?

    Ucrete uses a unique polyurethane resin technology that gives floors exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, extreme mechanical and thermal shock, providing a long-term, durable flooring solution.

    What makes Ucrete a unique solution?

    Ucrete hygienic floors provide ideal floor finishes for applications in the food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. They offer a uniform and seamless flooring system that creates a safe and attractive working environment. Dense and impervious, Ucrete surfaces retain their integrity at temperatures of up to 130°C, and have been proven to meet the most stringent hygiene and cleanliness requirements where a long lasting robust floor is crucial. For employee safety, a wide range of slip resistant profiles are available.

    A reliable partner for your flooring needs.

    Our technical support services take into consideration the entire life cycle of the product to accurately specify the highest quality, most durable and cost-effective flooring solution. Our Ucrete product systems are designed to match the specific needs of each customer, application and sector, where often speed of application and fast return to service are essential.

    Ucrete CS

    Ucrete CS is a unique color-stable heavy-duty resin floor with enhanced aesthetics for the food and beverage industry. 

    Ucrete MF40AS

    Anti-static heavy duty polyurethane floor finish

    Ucrete Primer FS

    Heavy duty polyurethane fast slurry primer for Ucrete flooring systems

    Ucrete DP

    Heavy duty non slip polyurethane hybrid flooring system

    Ucrete IF

    Iron aggregate heavy duty polyurethane hybrid floor system

    Ucrete MF

    Heavy duty polyurethane hybrid flooring system

    Ucrete RG

    Heavy duty polyurethane hybrid render

    Ucrete UD 200

    Heavy duty polyurethane hybrid flooring system