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    Backfill technologies that improve the efficiency of mine operations

    MasterRoc’s range of mine backfill technologies have been developed to provide the optimum balance of high early strength and sustainable long term strength, ensuring dimensional stability after placement by meeting (or exceeding) design fill performance requirements.

    Divided into three distinct product categories, MBCC Group​'s range of backfill admixtures includes specialized rheology modifiers, hydration control and durability enhancers that can be either used alone or in a combination to improve backfill durability.

    We push back the conventional physical limits with our innovative technologies such as hydration control, water reducers, superplasticizers, viscosity modifying admixtures (VMAs) etc. and depending on our customers’ requirements, we can control and achieve retardation, acceleration, rheology control, modified viscosity, reduce yield stress and pumping pressures. Furthermore we can stabilize fines in the fill matrix and reduce slime run off, segregation and porosity, enhance strength development and optimize binder content.

    MasterRoc MF 503

    Robust polymer admixture for improving cementitious mining backfill mixes

    MasterRoc MF 505C

    Concentrated polymer admixture for improving cementitious mining backfill mixes, particularly those with high clay contents

    MasterRoc MF 506

    Liquid admixture for improving cementitious mining backfill by retarding the setting time to facilitate transportation, pumping, placing and curing

    MasterRoc MF 501

    High performance plasticising and water-reducing admixture for mine backfill mixes​

    MasterRoc MF 701

    Non-chloride liquid admixture used for making more uniform high-performance backfill by retarding and stabilising setting times

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    Ryan Salter

    Segment Manager Underground Construction - ANZ

    0418 222 717