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    Master X-Seed STE

    Master X-Seed STE is a patent-pending, strength-enhancing admixture that improves both early and late-age strength of concrete. This product is based on a unique technology that facilitates improved cement hydration, thus enhancing strength development and support sustainable construction.

    Application and Mixing of MasterEmaco T 2040

    ​MasterEmaco T 2040 is a fast setting three-component screedable patching mortar for floors utilising natural aggregate and binder based on the APS polymer technology. It offers excellent resistance against impact, and abrasion as well as chemical attack.

    Ucrete Destruction Challenge – The World´s toughest Floor

    ​Floors in food and pharmaceutical industries must withstand harshest conditions and need to meet highest hygienic requirements at the same time. Our dense and impervious Ucrete flooring systems not only fulfil highest hygienic standards they are designed for the toughest industrial environments, withstanding heavy impact, high and low temperature spillage as well as chemical attack.

    MasterSeal CR 435

    ​MasterSeal CR 435 is the high performance joint sealant for use in harsh environments. It has high Shore A hardness making it ideal for applications requiring extreme abrasion resistance. It also has high chemical resistance. It is fast cure and trafficable in less than 2 hours. Gel time is around 4 minutes. Duration 2:37 minutes

    MasterProtect Water Repelling Penetrating Surface Treatments

    The video focuses on how to protect concrete surfaces from water ingress.  Take a look at how BASF provides solutions with the MasterProtect range of treatments.  See how the contractor mixes the product, charges the low pressure spray and applies the MasterProtect product from the bottom upwards.  Duration  2:04 minutes

    MasterEmaco Thin Layer Fairing Mortar and Skim Coat

    The video focuses on the concrete patch repair process.  Take a look at how BASF provides solutions with the MasterEmaco range of products.  See how the contractor prepares the concrete for repair, primes the area, applies the concrete repair, and finishes the job with a fairing coat. Duration 1:42 minutes.

    MasterTop 515 Self-levelling Cementitious Floor Topping

    The video focuses on floor levelling.  Many old and new floors are not level .  Take a look at how BASF provides solutions to the challenges.  See how the Australian contractor prepares the floor by grinding, applies the MasterTop primer and then the MasterTop floor levelling compound.  The MasterTop range has fast and effective products to solve commercial, industrial and domestic floor problems.  ( Duration:   3:05 minutes)

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