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    Composite strengthening systems

    How does the MasterBrace product system work?

    MasterBrace is an innovative repair and strengthening system based on fiber reinforced polymer composites that provide additional stability to structural elements. It is used directly on the parts where the load-bearing capacity needs to be improved and reinforced strength is required. MasterBrace is also part of our brand of specialty structural repair adhesives for segmental bridge rehabilitation and construction.

    What makes MasterBrace strengthening system a unique solution?

    The MasterBrace system comes with the complete system support provided by Master Builders Solutions experts. Through our dedicated team of engineers and technical support force, the MasterBrace composite strengthening system ensures successful installation with specification and design support, contractor training and on-site testing.

    MasterBrace is engineered to be used anywhere additional reinforcement and strengthening is needed for:

    • Upgrading the load bearing capacities of concrete and masonry structures.
    • Restoring the capacity of concrete structures due to deterioration.
    • Correcting design or construction errors.
    • Extending a building or structure.
    • Cases of seismic retrofit or damage from impact

    MasterBrace 1444

    Thixotropic paste epoxy binder and adhesive used in the water treatment industry to repair or bond various materials and surfaces

    MasterBrace 1446

    Thixotropic epoxy mortar designed as a structural adhesive used to bond precast elements and segments

    MasterBrace Anchor

    Carbon fibre strings for structural strengthening, connection, and anchoring of MasterBrace Fabric and Laminate systems

    MasterBrace Fibre

    Reinforced Polymer (FRP) system for structural strengthening of concrete and timber structures

    MasterBrace Laminate

    Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) system for structural

    MasterBrace MBar

    Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer system for structural strengthening

    MasterBrace 4000

    Epoxy resin adhesive for the MasterBrace Laminate system and a filling compound for irregular surfaces

    MasterBrace 4500

    High strength epoxy resin used to saturate MasterBrace fabric sheets​ to form in-situ FRP Composite

    MasterBrace P 3500

    Epoxy primer used on concrete prior to MasterBrace Laminate system​ application

    Direct contact

    Andrew Sarkady

    Andrew Sarkady

    National Industry Advocate Civil Infrastructure – Transport

    0418 530 763


    Construction Systems Product Selector

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