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    ​MasterBrace Carbon Fiber Anchoring Systems

    MasterBrace composite anchors - to improve the efficiency of flexural and shear reinforcements with composite solutions (prefabricated fabrics and laminates

    What are carbon fiber anchors used for?

    The utilisation of carbon fiber anchors has rapidly gained ground, replacing conventional steel techniques. These composite anchors harmoniously integrate with composite structure reinforcements through adhesive bonding, facilitating the transmission of forces when bonding surfaces are less than optimal.
    Traditionally, anchors have been overlooked in calculation models and technical standards, and market offerings lack consistency in quality and performance across products. MasterBrace Anchor has ingeniously addressed these issues by introducing a pultrusion-manufactured solution crafted from the same composite materials as fabrics and laminates, ensuring uniform technical characteristics encompassing tensile strength, coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), anti-corrosion properties, and more. Our anchors seamlessly complement products like MasterBrace LAM flat laminate.

    Versatility in Action

    MasterBrace Anchor isn't limited to the ordinary; it excels in overcoming structural obstacles, guaranteeing the continuity of reinforced elements. In these scenarios, our anchors feature ends furnished with laminated whips that seamlessly integrate with the composite elements they bind. Their dimensions and implementation align with embedment depth and the prevailing concrete structure's quality.

    Elevate Structural Integrity with MasterBrace Anchor

    Unlock the potential for transferring additional forces when direct support bonding is infeasible. MasterBrace Composite Anchors are complementary for:
    • Shear Reinforcement: Enhance the strength of slabs by transferring forces through the composite fabric.
    • ​​Flexural Reinforcement: Elevate wall structural integrity by utilising prefabricated laminates for force transmission.

    Why Choose MasterBrace Anchor?

    MasterBrace Anchor comprises two integral elements: an "anchored" section and a "dry fiber" component. Together, they surpass existing market solutions in numerous ways.

    Advantages of the Anchored Part:
    • Effortless Installation: Streamlined and swift installation for applicators, outperforming on-site anchor bolt fabrication from fabrics or carbon fibres.
    • Consistent Performance: Optimal performance due to the polymerised portion of the  MasterBrace Anchor (similar to our MasterBrace MBar​), manufactured through Pultrusion.

    Advantages of the Dry Fiber Part:
    • High-Performance Carbon Fibre: Superior to alternatives that involve resin destruction on the "whip" section, commonly achieved through pyrolysis or solvolysis. This approach compromises the integrity of carbon fibres. The chemical binder within the fibres is crucial for wetting and forming a robust bond with the composite matrix. Traditional methods struggle to impregnate the "whip" part, significantly diminishing composite performance.

    MasterBrace Anchor stands as a reliable and efficient structural reinforcement solution. The harmonious amalgamation of the anchored and dry fiber parts sets it apart, delivering greater flexibility and performance than any other product on the market. When you choose MasterBrace Anchor, you're ensuring optimal structural integrity and stability for your building or infrastructure project. 



    MasterBrace Anchor Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (158.14 Kb)

    MasterBrace FRP Strengthening Systems Application Guide

    pdf (2.16 Mb)