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    Cinven Acquires Master Builders Solutions ANZ

    Customers who purchase any of our products will continue to buy from the same business as before.

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    ​​​Welcome to Master Builders Solutions​

    Cinven acquires Master Builders Solutions & Bluey Technologies ANZ

    As of 2nd May 2023, Master Builders Solutions & Bluey Technologies in Australia and New Zealand, are now part of Cinven. ANZ customers who purchase any of our products will continue to buy from the same business as before. It means our customers can rely on us with the same points of contact, same product names and the best technical and commercial support.

    Australia: Contact a Sales Rep in Your State or Territory

    Australia: Contact a Sales Rep in Your State or Territory

    View the phone numbers and email addresses of our entire Sales team. 

    New Zealand: Contact a Sales Rep in the North or South Island

    New Zealand: Contact a Sales Rep in the North or South Island

    View the phone numbers and email addresses of our entire Sales team.

    Project References Teaser Image

    Project References

    See how our customers are using Master Builders Solutions products & technologies throughout ANZ

    ​​​​​​​Welcoming Our New Global CEO, Dr. Boris Gorella Teaser Image

    ​​​​​​​Welcoming Our New Global CEO, Dr. Boris Gorella

    We’re thrilled to welcome Dr. Boris Gorella as the new Global CEO of Master Builders Solutions. Boris brings decades of experience to the business as well as a proven track record in multiple chief executive and directorship roles.



    MasterBrace is an innovative repair and strengthening system based on fiber reinforced polymer composites that provide additional stability to structural elements. It is used directly on the parts where the load-bearing capacity needs to be improved and reinforced strength is required.



    MasterEmaco’s high-performance products re-establish concrete’s long-term durability and load-bearing capacity. Formulated to be wet or dry spray applied, formed or hand-troweled, products work quickly to allow a fast return to service. Repairs match the concrete’s original strength, improve aesthetics and prolong the structure’s lifecycle.



    MasterFiber high performance fiber products have been developed to help control concrete and mortar cracking.  These unique fibers add superior bonding properties to the concrete matrix. The result is crack control and an extended service life of the concrete.



    When applied to most forms and form liners, these unique admixtures are formulated to enhance the appearance of pre-cast, pre-stressed and poured-in-place concrete by allowing easy separation from the concrete surface.

    MasterFlow Teaser Image


    Zero shrinkage and resistance to fatigue and vibrations are paramount to the MasterFlow line of cementitious and epoxy grouting products. Our grouts are capable of handling tensile, shear, compressive and dynamic forces, and ensure effective bearing-load distribution when grouting base plates and machinery bases.

    MasterGlenium SKY

    MasterGlenium SKY

    MasterGlenium SKY products offer a single, versatile admixture for many types of applications and conditions. Compared to conventional PCE superplasticizers, our MasterGlenium SKY range enables ready-mix producers to optimize inventory, facilitate logistics and reduce investments in tanks and dispenser equipment, thus also decreasing maintenance costs. 

    MasterKure Teaser Image


    By maintaining moist conditions within the concrete element, MasterKure promotes more complete hydration of the concrete. The properly cured concrete is then typically stronger and exhibits a dust free surface with a reduced potential of drying shrinkage cracks.



    The MasterLife product family of admixtures impart a  wide range of properties into concrete that provide resistance to deterioration caused by abrasion, corrosion of steel, alkali silica reaction, sulfate attack, and drying shrinkage cracking.

    MasterProtect Teaser Image


    ​The MasterProtect system includes a range of corrosion inhibitor, high-performance water repellents and chemical resistant coatings that counter challenging weather conditions, environmental contaminants and corrosive elements.



    The MasterRoc product range is designed to be a single source for all of our customers’ underground construction needs. In addition to a wide range of products, our globally connected team assists our customers in selecting the right products and systems, providing the best, most cost-effective and complete solutions based on innovation and technology, allowing our customers to operate successfully and to the highest safety standards.



    The MasterTop product family under the Master Builders Solutions brand from Master Builders Solutions is a group of versatile dry shake, floor levelling, epoxy and polyurethane-based flooring systems that are suitable for decorative or industrial uses in a diverse range of sectors.



    Ucrete uses a unique polyurethane resin technology that gives floors exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, extreme mechanical and thermal shock, providing a long-term, durable flooring solution.


    News 18/01/2024

    To Renew or Build New? That is the Question

    It has become standard practice to witness the knocking down of infrastructure from the 1950s to the 1980s but with MasterBrace Carbon Fibre Reinforcement Polymer (CFRO), these structures can now be reused and repurposed.

    News 10/01/2024

    Master Builders Solutions Receives White Ribbon Australia Workplace Accreditation

    ​We are proud to announce our accreditation as a White Ribbon Australia Workplace.

    News 8/01/2024

    Industry Events Calendar 2024

    The key industry events allow us to connect with one another, sharing knowledge and experiences in face-to-face and online environments.

    News 10/05/2023

    Master Builders Solutions & Bluey Technologies now part of Cinven

    As of 2nd May 2023, Master Builders Solutions & Bluey Technologies in Australia and New Zealand, are now part of Cinven. ANZ customers who purchase any of our products will continue to buy from the same business as before. It means our customers can rely on us with the same points of contact, same product names and the best technical and commercial support.

    News 3/05/2023

    Dr Boris Gorella appointed CEO of Master Builders Solutions under new ownership of Cinven

    News 26/04/2023

    MasterFiber 143: The New Alternative to Traditional Steel Mesh Reinforcement

    Providing an alternative to traditional steel mesh reinforcement, has been sought after by concretes and shotcrete nozzlemen worldwide for more than 50 years. The answer, luckily has come in the form of fibres .

    News 22/03/2023

    Say “Yellow” to the new MasterFinish 380 Surface Retarder – Now in Yellow

    MasterFinish 380 from Master Builders Solutions has been re-formulated with a high-visibility yellow pigment dye, making it easy to see when sprayed onto any colour of freshly placed of concrete – including mixes containing black oxide pigment.

    News 22/03/2023

    How to Apply MasterFinish 380

    MasterFinish 380 from Master Builders Solutions is a surface retarder that is applied to freshly placed concrete to achieve an architectural pleasant look exposed aggregate finish. But how does it work?

    News 28/11/2022

    ​​​​​Using MasterSuna RCT 323 recycled aggregate in new concrete

    Master Builders Solutions, together with one of its valued customers in Western Australia, decided to conduct a full-scale trial encompassing the entire process from start to finish, including treating the returned concrete and introducing the treated material back into a fresh concrete mix as a partial coarse and fine aggregate replacement at a range of percentages of total aggregate. The trial demonstrated how treated material was reintroduced, as well as the cost savings associated with purchasing aggregates, haulage and dumping.

    News 15/11/2022

    ​​​​From Strength to Strength – MasterBrace Gives Bridges A New Lease On Life

    Recognising that it’s not always possible, practical or affordable to completely replace a bridge, Master Builders Solutions offers a number of highly effective and more affordable options for reinforcing and strengthening existing bridges – effectively extending their service life by increasing their load-carrying capacity.

    News 10/10/2022

    Controlling the Slump and Hydration of Concrete in Hot Weather

    Master Builder Solutions has developed a range of specialist admixtures to help you get the most from your concrete in hot conditions. These innovative products exhibit a number of benefits to combat the challenges of hot weather concreting and shotcreting, depending on the mix being used and type of application.

    News 7/10/2022

    ​​Hot Weather Concreting - Ensure A High-Quality Concrete Finish, Every Time

    Anyone who has ever worked with concrete will tell you, placing and finishing in hot, dry conditions can be a major challenge. The combination of high temperatures, winds and low humidity can increase the rate of evaporation of moisture from the fresh concrete – accelerating the rate of cement hydration. This, in turn, can lead to a number of significant problems with concrete placement and finishing, including plastic shrinkage cracking, increased permeability, a reduction in final strength, and a sub-standard slab.

    News 19/09/2022

    ​Rock Bolting Solutions for Every Underground Environment

    No two underground construction projects are the same. Geotechnical conditions vary considerably across a project, which can result in a range of construction methods being utilised across a single project. With that in mind, it’s also clear that when it comes to anchoring grouts, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution. That’s why Master Builders Solutions has developed a specialist range of innovative, high-performance anchoring solutions to suit every type of project in ground conditions.

    News 5/09/2022

    MasterRoc RBA 380 – The Innovative Anchoring Alternative to Traditional Rock Bolt Grouting

    In mining, the deeper the excavation, the greater the geotechnical challenges. As the depth increases, so do the rock stresses affecting the strata. Ensuring the stability of the strata is of paramount importance – not only in protecting the personnel but also the mine itself.

    News 2/09/2022

    MasterRoc RBA 380 – Rapid Results without Compromising Safety

    When it comes to mining and underground construction, safety is paramount – especially when it comes to the stability of the strata. Ensuring the stability of the strata is a critical factor in protecting both the personnel and the mine itself.

    News 16/08/2022

    Rock Bolt Grouting in Just 5 Minutes with MasterRoc RBA 380

    By choosing the MasterRoc RBA 380, contractors are now able to continue excavating safely almost instantly.

    News 3/08/2022

    Rain Damaged Surfaces

    When concrete is pumped or finished in the rain, the after effects can often lead to a series of failures which can cause structures to become weakened and even dangerous over time.​

    News 28/07/2022

    White Ribbon Australia Workplace Accreditation

    It’s startling to think that in 2022, one-in-four women have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. On top of that, 60% of working Australian women are currently experiencing violence from their partner. At Master Builders Solutions Australia we have the means to do something about these statistics. Therefore, we are taking the first steps to become a White Ribbon Workplace Accredited company.

    News 1/07/2022

    Eliminating Surface voids in Off-Form Concrete

    ​All to often, concrete voids are the result of entrapped air bubbles which have failed to rise to the surface of a slab or formwork. The voids can significantly weaken a concrete structure, so it is important to prevent or repair these issues before they escalate.

    News 11/04/2022

    Adding 50 Years of Service Life to Victoria’s Lerderderg Bridge

    Located between Melbourne and Ballart, the Lerderderg Bridge is a key piece of Victorian infrastructure, consisting of two bridges, totalling four lanes of traffic. As part of the Major Highway Upgrade Project by the Department of Transport (VicRoads), a range of Master Builders Solutions products were specified to increase the load-carrying capacity and extend the design life of the bridge by more than 50 years.

    News 15/03/2022

    Hardening and Sealing Concrete Surfaces

    Treating concrete with a high quality liquid hardener not only creates greater surface density but also provides increased durability, resistance to abrasion and penetration by oil or grease. Master Builders Solutions can help you achieve these results.

    News 3/03/2022

    How to Repair Three of the Most Common Forms of Concrete Damage

    ​ We always look to repair concrete first rather than replace an entire asset or a partial piece of infrastructure. This article discusses three of the most common reasons and methods to repair damaged concrete.

    News 1/03/2022

    MasterSuna RCT 323

    Retutned concrete recycling made easy

    News 7/02/2022

    Industry Events 2022/2023

    The key industry events allow us to connect with one another, sharing knowledge and experiences in face-to-face and online environments.

    News 1/02/2022

    Victoria Admixture Contacts

    News 1/02/2022

    Western Australia Admixture Contacts

    News 1/02/2022

    South Australia Admixture Contacts

    News 1/02/2022

    Queensland Admixture Contacts

    News 1/02/2022

    NSW Admixture Contacts​

    News 28/01/2022

    Returned Concrete Recycling – How To Use MasterSuna RCT 323

    MasterSuna RCT 323, is a single product admixture that allows ready-mixed concrete producers to develop a returned concrete solution that eliminates the need for onsite concrete crushing and disposal into landfills.

    News 19/01/2022

    Utilising Seven Unique Master Builders Solutions Products To Repair Brisbane’s City Beach Boardwalk

    Boardwalks are high trafficable public areas, so it’s important that their strength, durability and aesthetics are maintained over time. O’Connor Kelly and Master Builders Solutions recently completed a 7 million-dollar refurbishment project at the City Beach Boardwalk which runs along the Brisbane River.

    News 11/01/2022

    ​Returned Concrete Recycling, Made Easy

    MasterSuna RCT 323 is a new admixture which allows ready-mixed concrete producers to convert returned fresh concrete into a usable material suitable for use in a range of applications including road base and construction backfill – quickly, efficiently, and perhaps most importantly, without the need for any additional specialist equipment.

    News 6/01/2022

    Returned Concrete Recycling – Closing the Loop On A Significant Waste Stream

    MasterSuna RCT 323 is a new product that provides fast, efficient and extremely easy-to-use recycling solution for returned ready-mixed concrete waste.

    News 22/11/2021

    ​Industry Farewell - Warren Mahoney

    After 37 years in the civil and mining industries, our colleague and good friend, Warren Mahoney has retired. We sat down with Warren to discuss the his experiences both with Master Builders Solutions & the broader industry. He also gives some advice for up-and-comers working in the civil and mining industry.

    News 18/11/2021

    New, Dedicated Technical Data Sheet Webpage​

    You can now see all Master Builders Solutions Technical Data Sheets in one, easy to find location.

    News 8/11/2021

    Master Builders Solutions Australia Technical Datasheet

    News 5/03/2021

    MBCC Group acquires Bluey Technologies

    MB Solutions Australia, a member of MBCC Group, to strengthen portfolio of infrastructure and underground construction chemicals. Bluey Technologies offers highly specialized products and services to the civil construction industry.

    News 13/11/2020

    Master Builders Solutions To Increase Prices For Construction Chemicals

    News 1/10/2020

    ​BASF Construction Chemicals business is now MBCC Group​

    Carve-out f​rom BASF Group successfully completed.

    News 21/12/2019

    Lone Star Funds to acquire BASF’s Construction Chemicals business

    News 16/05/2019

    BASF inaugurates its first Ucrete® Competence Center, to support performance flooring customers in Asia

    New Center complements Ucrete manufacturing hub to meet Asian customers’ changing needs

    News 4/02/2019

    50th anniversary of Ucrete: the world's toughest floor since 1969

    The world’s most resilient flooring from the Master Builders Solutions range is celebrating a major anniversary 50 years ago, the Ucrete flooring solution was patented.

    News 23/01/2019

    BASF launches Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Resource Center

    Offering Building Information Modeling (BIM) content and other digital services for the construction industry

    News 31/08/2016

    BASF launches two new MasterSeal products in Australia

    News 15/07/2016

    BASF launches MasterLife 300D in Australia & New Zealand

    News 10/11/2015

    BASF launches groundbreaking concrete admixture range MasterEase®

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