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    Master Builders Solutions Receives White Ribbon Australia Workplace Accreditation​

    White _01

    We are proud to announce our accreditation as a White Ribbon Australia Workplace. Our participation in this program emphasises our dedication to tackling gendered violence and sexual harassment within the ANZ construction industry.  

    ​To attain this accreditation, we have met rigorous criteria encompassing three standards, totalling 12 key areas aimed at creating a safer and more respectful workplace.

    White Ribbon Australia is an integral part of a global movement committed to eradicating gendered violence and to date, the White Ribbon initiative has reached more than 600,000 people nationwide.

    Key Components of Achiving White Ribbon Accreditation

      1.     Leadership and Commitment:

    • Top-down commitment from leadership to create a culture of respect and equality.
    • Implementation of policies that address gender-based violence and harassment.

    2.     Prevention and Response:

    • Development and communication of strategies to prevent violence and support those affected.White Ribbon Australia_02
    • Establishment of clear reporting mechanisms and support services for employees.

    3.     Education and Awareness:

    • Ongoing education programs to raise awareness about gender equality, respectful behaviour, and bystander intervention.
    • Regular training for employees to recognise and address instances of discrimination or violence.

    4.     Continuous Improvement:

    •  Regular reviews and updates to policies and practices to ensure alignment with evolving best practices.
    • Feedback mechanisms to engage employees in the ongoing improvement process.

    5.     The Impact on Workplace Culture:

    • White Ribbon Australia_03Attaining White Ribbon accreditation signifies a tangible shift in workplace culture. Our commitment to these principles prioritises the well-being of our workforce and actively contributes to creating a safer and more inclusive society.

    We'd like to thank White Ribbon for their unwavering support throughout the past two years. We also extend our congratulations and acknowledgment to our dedicated White Ribbon Committee, as well as the entire organization, for their involvement in securing this accreditation. Your collective efforts have been instrumental in this significant achievement.

    ​If you'd like to learn more about the White Ribbon initiative and its mission, click here: