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    MasterFiber 143: The New Alternative to Traditional Steel Mesh Reinforcement

    Providing an alternative to traditional steel mesh reinforcement, has been sought after by concretes and shotcrete nozzlemen worldwide for more than 50 years. The answer, luckily has come in the form of fibres

    Our fibre portfolio, MasterFiber, currently include macro and micro synthetic fibres. And now the portfolio has grown once more…

    Introducing MasterFiber 143​: Polypropylene fibre for reinforcement in sprayed concrete & cast concrete applications.

    MasterFibre 143 mix uniformly throughout agitated concrete, anchoring within the cement matrix, improving durability and crack propagation resistance. 

    Recommended uses of MasterFiber 143:
    • Ground slabs
    • Industrial flooring
    • Pavement
    • Precast elements 
    • Underground environments

    By utilising MasterFibre 143, concreters and nozzlemen save time in money through, reduced construction times, transport & storage costs, manual handling and shotcrete rebound/clean-up.

    Dosing & Batching: MasterFiber 143 can be dosed and batched easily either at the batch plant or on-site concrete mixer truck before application. Its minor impact on flow and slump properties makes it easy to incorporate into the mix. Site trials should be conducted to verify the fibre's performance with the proposed mix, and check the suitability and calibration of automated fibre dosing systems.

    Packaging: MasterFiber 143 is available in 570kg pallets, with each pallet made up of 114 x 5kg mulchable boxes, and wrapped in water-soluble PVA to form.

    For more information, contact Kyle Hundloe, Product Manager ANZ: Alternative Reinforcement (Fibre), Mobile: +61 484 935 324 or Email:​