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    MasterFiber 051

    Fibrillated polypropylene fibre micro-reinforcement system

    How does MasterFiber 051 work?

    MasterFiber 051 is a fibrillated micro fibre for secondary concrete reinforcement. 
    MasterFiber 051 is engineered to reduce plastic and settlement cracking, improve impact strength, enhance fatigue resistance, and maximise concrete toughness.
    This fibrillated fibre is manufactured to offer long term durability and secondary/temperature control.
    MasterFiber 051 is non-corrosive, non-magnetic, chemically inert and 100% alkali proof.

    MasterFiber 051 is recommended for use in concrete applications such general purpose slab-on-grade, toppings, slope paving, driveways, basement floors etc.  MasterFiber 051 is TMR approved for use in extruded concrete mixes for jersey barriers, kerbs, and gutters where a ductile material is required.

    MasterFiber 051 increases:
    • Impact and shear resistance
    • Fatigue and abrasion resistance
    • Concrete toughness
    • Long-term durability

    MasterFiber 051 decreases:
    • Plastic shrinkage
    • Settlement cracking

    What makes MasterFiber 051 a unique solution?​

    The addition of micro fibrils attached to the primary fibre allow for additional anchorage sites providing a stronger fibre-to-matrix bond, as a result increased performance over non-fibrillated fibre.


    Direct contact

    Kyle Hundloe

    Kyle Hundloe

    Product Manager ANZ: Alternative Reinforcement (Fibre)

    0484 935 324


    MasterFiber 051 Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (165.80 Kb)