MasterLife 300D - Crystalline capillary waterproofing admixture

How does MasterLife 300D work?

MasterLife 300D admixture is an integral crystalline capillary waterproofing admixture for concrete.  It is designed for use in above and below grade applications.

Recommended uses:

  • Sewage and water treatment plants
  • Liquid retaining structures
  • Water reservoirs and tanks for potable water
  • Swimming pools
  • Foundations, basements, lift pits, podiums, balconies and roofs
  • Parking structures
  • Precast, prestressed and post-tensioned concrete
  • Culverts
  • Blockfill
  • Tunnel and subway systems
  • Shotcrete
  • Concrete subjected to wet, harsh and aggressive environments

What are the unique features of MasterLife 300D?

The unique formulation of ingredients in MasterLife 300D reacts with the by-products of cement hydration in concrete to form non-soluble crystalline structures in capillary pores. The reaction is with the water and the calcium hydroxide in the hydrating cement to form calcium silicate hydrates and pore blocking precipitates. This effectively seals capillaries as well as heals hairline cracks to 0.4mm after the concrete has passed the plastic state. Interestingly, it allows concrete to breathe. Treated concrete resists positive and negative side hydrostatic pressure..

What are the benefits of MasterLife 300D?

  • Integral addition for optimum performance
  • Reduces concrete permeability
  • Allows concrete to breathe
  • Reduces penetration of water and other liquids
  • Seals hairline cracks
  • Resists positive and negative side hydrostatic pressure
  • Protects against sewage and industrial wastes


MasterLife 300D Brochure

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MasterLife 300D Dosage Chart

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MasterLife 300D Safety Data Sheet Australia

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MasterLife 300D Technical Data Sheet

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Project Spotlights MasterLife 300D: MasterLife 300D

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