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    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Let's Talk Concrete! Livestreams: 

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    Join Master Builders Solutions for Let's Talk Concrete! Livestreams every other Wed at 11:00 A.M. (EDT). Topics will be delivered by concrete industry veterans and subject matter experts with a wide range of experience. Each topic will be covered for 30-40 minutes and will end with a 30-minute Q&A opportunity. Join for the presentation or stay for the full hour, it's up to you. View the full schedule below and click on each link to register for the session.​ Request a PDF of a past presentation through t​he form here.​

    Past Sessions

    Request a PDF of a past presentation through t​he form here

    ​​​Wed. July 8 , 2020

    Concrete Placement and Finishability

    Target Audience: Concrete Producers and Contractors (*All industry professionals are welcome to attend)

    The placement and finishability of ready mix concrete during slab construction is dependent upon the project-specific needs. A concrete mixture must meet the desired performance properties that can vary significantly throughout the entire construction process. No single construction project is the same and therefore neither is the concrete mixture. This webinar will address what factors affect concrete placement and finishability while providing insight on how to achieve your desired concrete mixture performance.​

    Wed. July 22, 2020

    Integrally Colored Concrete​

    Target Audience: Concrete Producers and Contractors (*All industry professionals are welcome to attend)

    At the end of this session, attendees will be coached on how color is measured, what kind of products can be used to integrally color concrete, basics of proportioning, batching, placing, finishing and curing, troubleshooting integrally colored concrete and what to avoid, as how specifiers can potentially use integrally colored concrete to obtain LEED credits.​

    Wed. Aug 5, 2020

    Integral Waterproofing for Concrete

    Target AudienceAll industry professionals

    Water penetration, leakage and a continuously wet concrete structure can lead to durability problems, an undesirable damp/humid atmosphere, mold growth, and premature deterioration. This presentation will discuss the use of permeability-reducing admixtures (PRAs) for concrete, designed to minimize/prevent water penetration. Attendees will learn what a PRA is and how it is qualified and specified. Example applications of use, including concrete production, placement, and projects will be highligh​​ted.​

    Wed. Aug 19​, 2020

    Returned Concrete Management

    Target AudienceReady Mixed Concrete Producers

    Ready Mixed Concrete Producers are challenged with addressing fresh, unused concrete returned to their batch plants. This presentation will discuss the operational issues with returned concrete an​d the admixture solutions that can assist Ready Mixed Concrete Producers manage these operational challenges.

    Wed. Sept 9​, 2020

    High Performance/High Strength Concrete

    Target AudienceAll industry professionals

    This presentation will cover:

    • Compressive strength > 10,000 psi
    • Design considerations (e.g. modulus of elasticity, slender construction)
    • Technologies used in creating high performance/high strength concrete – MasterGlenium, MasterSure, MasterSet, MasterMatrix
    • Durability and service life
    • Project Case Studies​

    Wed. Sept 23​, 2020

    Preventing Concrete Scaling

    Target AudienceConcrete Producers, Contractors, and Engineers

    Participants will learn about concrete scalin​​​​g, the various factors that cause concrete scaling, how it can be prevented, and troubleshooting​.

    Wed. Oct 7​​, 2020

    ​Cold Weather Concreting

    Target AudienceAll construction industry professionals

    Weather conditions can have a dramatic effect on b​​oth the setting time and concrete placing, finishing and protection systems that must be followed for proper concrete placement. This livestream will discuss the importance of specification, production, and placement of concrete to mitigate these cold weather conditions.​​

    Wed. Oct 21​​, 2020

    Mitigating Efflorescence in Masonry​

    Target AudienceProducers of masonry and hardscape products​

    During this livestream​ we will discuss what is efflorescence, the primary causes and material contributors to efflorescence, and ways to troubleshoot and mitigate efflorescence.​​

    Wed. Nov. 4​​, 2020

    Durable Concrete Slabs with Extended Joint Spacing​​

    Target AudienceAll concrete industry professionals

    Learn about an extended-joint spacing solution for concrete slab on ground construction to:
    • Increase durability and service life of your concrete slab
    • Reduce number of joints and associated maintenance costs
    • Improve aesthetics of your finished concrete slab
    • Increase speed of slab construction and create a safer environment

    Wed. Nov. 18​​, 2020

    Shotcrete and Waterproofing for Civil and Underground Applications

    Target AudienceUnderground tunneling and mining professionals

    This session will cover: 

    • Mix Design
    • Application Theory