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    ​​Mine Backfill

    Mine stability after placement

    Mine backfill technologies help to provide an optimum balance of high early strength and sustainable long term strength, ensuring dimensional stability after placement to meet or exceed design fill performance requirements. Master Builders Solutions' range of MasterRoc backfill admixtures can help customers challenge conventional physical limitations by:

    • Improving backfill durability
    • Controlling retardation, acceleration and rheology
    • Modifying viscosity, reducing yield stress and pumping pressures

    Mine Backfill Videos:

    Mine Backfilling Products


    MasterRoc MF 101

    Improves workability | Faster backfill set times | Quicker mine re-entry for increased excavation rates
    Hydration Control

    MasterRoc MF 701

    Provides flexible and extended working and retention time | Reduces pressure losses and enables longer-distance transportation | Dramatically reduces potential of pipe blockages

    MasterRoc MF 501

    Improves slump and flowability of backfill mixtures | Improves mix optimization and reduces binder usages | Reduces permeability and shrinkage in hardened fill

    MasterRoc MF 510

    New generation water reducing technology | Lower viscosity and lower friction losses in transportation | Wide range of dosage rates and less sensitive to material changes

    MasterRoc MF 901

    Next generation plasticizing polymer with quick wetting effect and high efficiency mixing | Extended setting time can be achieved with a higher dosage rate | Reduces cycle time and increases production rates
    Viscosity Modifier

    MasterRoc MF 308

    Lubricates the fill, enhances pumping and self-leveling of the fill | Improves mechanical properties of self-leveling fluid | Facilitates production of highly fluid paste
    Mine Backfill

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