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    MasterRoc MF 308

    High-performance admixture for improved homogeneity, pumpability and placeability

    How does MasterRoc MF 308 work?

    MasterRoc MF 308 admixture is an aqueous solution of a high-molecular weight synthetic copolymer formulated to improve the rheological behavior and in-situ properties of placed backfill. MasterRoc MF 308 admixture offers superior stability by increasing resistance to segregation, while acting as a pumping aid and facilitating placement with significant improvement in the homogeneity of the placed fill.

    Recommended uses:

    • All types of hydraulic, low density paste fills and cemented aggregate fills
    • Paste/hydraulic fills with lower solids content and/ or poor gradation
    • Segregation-prone fills like cemented hydraulic and aggregate fills

    What are the unique features of MasterRoc MF 308?

    • Improves rheological behavior in low- to high-density slurries as well as in cemented aggregate fills
    • Improves cohesion and captivation of fines and binder inside the fill mass
    • Lubricates the fill
    • Acts as a pumping aid
    • Improves flow characteristics
    • Enhances robustness of the fill

    What are the benefits of MasterRoc MF 308?

    • Enhances pumping and self-leveling of the fill
    • Reduces segregation
    • Facilitates production of highly fluid paste and more coherent and homogenous cemented aggregate fills
    • Provides stability during transportation and placement
    • Improves plastic behavior and lowers porosity of the fill
    • Increases compressive strengths
    • Reduces slime in the slump
    • Reduces water addition requirements
    • Improves reliability of fill delivery and increased production
    • Permits mix optimization and/or cost savings due to binder reduction (cement/slag cement/fly ash)
    • Makes mixes less sensitive to solid content variation and/or water demand
    • Improves mechanical properties of self-leveling fluid, making in-situ properties more consistent
    • Improves flow characteristics resulting in less wear and tear on pumps and pipes, thus extending equipment service life
    • Does not affect setting times within the recommended dosage rate​

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