Shotcrete and Ground Support

Early and long-term strength in ground support

Achieve early and long-term concrete strength in ground support with BASF's comprehensive products that allow durable sprayed concrete structures to be constructed successfully and safely.  These products are designed to:

  • Meet your challenging site requirements
  • Offer compatibility with local cements
  • Provide fast set times

Shotcrete and Ground Supporting Products

Fibers for Shotcrete

MasterFiber MAC Matrix

Stick-like | Provides excellent control of settlement cracking | Eliminates the need for welded-wire reinforcement (WWR) and small diameter bars used as secondary reinforcement, depending on the application
Hydration Control

MasterSet DELVO

Offsets the effects of slump loss during extended delays | Reduces waste associated with concrete washwater and returned concrete
Shotcrete Accelerators

MasterRoc SA 160

Alkali-free liquid set accelerator | High performance | For use in wet-mix spraying

MasterRoc SA 190

Economic alakali-free liquid set accelerator | Reduces dust and rebound | Develops long-term strength and durability

MasterRoc SA 430

Wide range of dosage rates for desired setting and hardening times | Low viscosity
Thin Spray-on Liner

MasterRoc TSL 865

Fast setting within 5 minutes | Good bond to concrete, rock and coal | Reduces air-slaking and rock weathering
Viscosity Modifier

MasterRoc MS 675

Shotcrete lubricating aid | Strength enhancer | Bleed and segregation reduction

Thin Spray-On Liner

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