Set Time Accelerating Admixtures

Decrease Concrete Setting Time

Set time accelerating admixtures allow concrete producers to decrease concrete setting time according to their specific project needs, across a wide range of ambient temperatures. Benefits of accelerating concrete setting time include:

  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Improving early concrete strength
  • Improving finishing characteristics
  • Uniform concrete set time

Set Time Accelerating Admixture Products

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MasterSet AC 122

Accelerates concrete setting time and strength development | Reduced protection time in cold weather | Earlier form stripping and reuse of forms

MasterSet AC 534

Accelerated setting time across a wide range of temperatures | Reduced or eliminated heating and protection time in cold weather | Does not contain calcium chloride

MasterSet FP 20

Non-chloride, accelerating and water-reducing admixture | Reduced or eliminated heating and protection time in cold weather | Superior finishing characteristics for flatwork and cast surfaces
Set Time Accelerating Admixtures

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