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    ​Tunnel Boring Machine

    Improve operational efficiency in TBM excavation

    Master Builders Solutions' comprehensive tunnel boring machine products improve operational efficiency in soft ground and hard rock TBM excavation. We help you meet your biggest challenges from the start of your project by offering:

    • Laboratory resources for project specific testing
    • Technical consulting for every stage of your project
    • Global solutions

    Tunnel Boring Machine Products

    Abrasion Resistance

    MasterRoc ABR 7

    Reduces abrasive wear of cutting equipment | Improves cooling of cutter head | Reduces dust formation
    Annular Grout Additive

    Set Time Retarding and Hydration Control Admixtures

    MasterRoc AGA 41

    High-performance and low viscosity grout accelerator for TBM annulus grouting | Grout mixes with or without cementitious binders | Creates high early strength

    MasterRoc BA 110

    High-Performance Bentonite for Annular Grout Mixes for Tunnel Boring Machines | Ensures high level of lubrication and reduced permeability of the annular grouts

    MasterRoc AGA 41S

    High-performance and low viscosity grout accelerator for TBM annulus grouting | Easy to mix into grout, even at low temperatures | Fast and adjustable setting times
    Greases, Sealants & Lubricants

    MasterRoc BSG 1

    Extruder sealant for TBM, protects main bearing from water, soil, dust | Anti-washout and adhesion to metal or concrete surfaces

    MasterRoc EPB 11

    Multi-purpose EP2 Lithium-thickened lubricating grease, for lubrication of TBM main bearing and screw conveyor assembly | Mechanical stability, load carrying capacity, corrosion protection

    MasterRoc TSG 800

    Fire Resistant Tail Sealant for Shielded Tunnel Boring Machines

    MasterRoc TSG 870

    Fire-Resistant First Fill Tail Sealant for Shielded Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM)

    MasterRoc TSG 6

    Tail shield sealant for shielded TBM | Resists water and ground pressures | Excellent pumping properties, adheres to most metal or concrete surfaces

    MasterRoc TSG 7

    Tail-shield sealant formulated as first fill to protect the TBM before use of pumpable sealants, such as MasterRoc TSG 6
    Soil Conditioning

    MasterRoc ACP 127

    Anti-clay polymer for clayey soils | Mobilizes clay particles to create easily-excavated soil material

    MasterRoc ACP 143

    A liquid polymer, specially designed for highly cohesive and adhesive soils such as marl, silts, and clays that contain fine particles.​

    MasterRoc ACP 211

    Anti-clay polymer for heavy clay soils | Improves soil consistency | Effectively reduces blockages in cutter heads

    MasterRoc ACP 214

    Breaks down clay, reduces its stickiness and adhesiveness | Reduces clogging and adhesion on the cutterhead | Improves and homogenizes soil consistency

    MasterRoc SLF 47

    Eco-compatible polymer-reinforced foaming agent | Reduces permeability and increases sealing of the face | Lowers inner friction and abrasiveness of soil

    MasterRoc SLF 50

    Generates super fine and highly stable foam with long half-life | Improves soil behavior and creates plastic deformation properties in soil | Provides controlled support pressure and increased face stability, increases TBM advance speed

    MasterRoc SLF 419

    A high-performance foaming agent, designed to improve the performance and control of the soil through the screw conveyor under the toughest conditions.

    MasterRoc SLF 670

    Concentrated, Biodegradable, High Performance, Highly Stable Foaming Agent for Tunnel Boring Machines

    MasterRoc SLP 1

    Liquid soil lubricating polymer specially designed for Earth-Pressure Balance (EPB) | Suitable to ground containing fine sand, silt or clay with high water content | No mixing equipment required
    Super Water Absorber

    MasterRoc SWA 705

    Water-binding agent, increases soil plasticity and cohesion | Increases cohesion of coarse sands and gravels | Improves the yield and filter cake properties of bentonite slurries

    MasterRoc SWA 710

    Powerful liquid thickener for use in ground and slurry conditioning | Effective in high ground-water pressures, poorly graded ground, water saturated ground | Improves yield and filter cake properties of bentonite slurries
    Tunnel Boring

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