Concrete Form Release Agents

Reduce concrete production costs through efficiency

The easy separation of concrete from the forms or form liners:
  • Ensures worry-free removal of formwork without surface damage
  • Enhances the appearance of the Precast, prestressed, and cast-in-place concrete
  • Minimizes inconsistencies, such as bug holes, on the concrete surface

Concrete Form Releasing Agents Products

MasterFinish RL 100

Leaves concrete stain-free with fewer and smaller air voids | Protects aluminum forms from concrete and plaster | Compliant with US Federal EPA VOC regulations for Concrete Form-Release Agent

MasterFinish RL 211

Reduces overall production costs | No solvent, no odor; no fume or flammability problems | Minimizes surface voids (bug holes) | Environmentally preferable and biodegradable

MasterFinish RL 220

Prolongs life expectancy of forms | Ideal for architectural concrete | Helps to make steel forms virtually self-cleaning and rust-free

MasterFinish PT 100

Protects end grain in wood forms from cracking and chipping | Protects and preserves forms over time | Coated forms are ready within 2 hours and hence, speed up productivity
Concrete Form Release Agents

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