Chemical, Mineral & Cementitious Grouting

Pre-Injection and Post-Injection Technologies

Unexpected water ingress and poor ground conditions during mining and tunneling operations can cause significant problems for underground contractors. Pre-injection and post-injection technologies from BASF offer high-performing chemical and non-chemical products suitable for:

  • Water and crack sealing, void-filling
  • Strata stabilization, ground consolidation, structure repair

Chemical, Mineral & Cementitious Grouting Products

Ground Consolidation

MasterRoc MP 300

Re-swells upon exposure to moisture after dry periods | Cured material is a highly flexible gel | Excellent adhesive properties, even on damp or wet surfaces

MasterRoc MP 325

Low viscosity, single-component hydrophilic chemical grout | For sand and silt strata consolidation | Environmentally safe with no solvents or toxic components

MasterRoc MP 309

Acrylic system with hard cured gel | Compact gel with high compressive strength and superior flexibility | Ideal for silty and sandy ground consolidation

MasterRoc MP 650

Microfine cement for water sealing and ground stabilization | Easy penetration into tight joints, fissures, pore spaces

MasterRoc MP 900

Ultrafine cement with superior penetration characteristics | Suitable for pre-injection and post-injection
Grout Additive

MasterRoc FLC 100

Powdered Rheo-plastic additive for cement-based grout | Produces flowable and non-shrinking grout with high strength | Low water-cement ratio with effective bleeding water control
Injection Accessories

MasterRoc EQ 250 OR

Oakum rope used with BASF chemical grouts | Seal cracks, joints, annular spaces | Excellent absorption

MasterRoc EQ 512 PK and MasterRoc EQ 558 PK

Mechanical packers for high-pressure chemical grout injection | Expandable rubber sleeves | Snug fit and solid connection

MasterRoc MP 230 CLN

Non-hazardous solvent for cleaning injection equipment | Rust proofing | High flash point (> 390°F/200°C)
Void Filling & Cavity Fill

MasterRoc MP 358SC

Highly-reactive hydrophobic polyurethane | High flexibility and high structural strength | Not sensitive to water

MasterRoc MP 355

Polyurethane reacts with or without water | Forms rigid foam or rubber-like material | For stopping high volume water

MasterRoc MP 367 Foam

Highly reactive polyurea silicate foam for filling strata cavities | Closed-cell foam for water tightness | Excellent adhesion to wet substrates
Water & Crack Sealing

MasterRoc MP 304

Acrylic system with highly flexible cured gel | Low viscosity, fast-reacting, adjustable gel time | Accommodates structural and ground movements

MasterRoc MP 368

Fast reacting polyurea silicate with excellent adhesion to concrete | Fast bond and compressive strength development | Does not absorb water

MasterRoc MP 307CE

Acrylic system with rubber-like cured gel | Non-shrinking, not sensitive to water, withholds high pressure

MasterRoc MP 368 TIX

Fast-reacting | Solvent-free | Specifically designed for rapid ground consolidation in strata with open cracks at the surface

MasterRoc MP 355 1K

Single-component hydrophobic polyurethane | For stopping medium water ingress | Adjustable reaction time

MasterRoc MP 355 1K DW

Sigle-component hydrophobic polyurethane with flexible foam | Use in structures for drinking water
Underground Chemical Grouting

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