Precast Concrete Tunnel Segments

State-of-the-art technologies for high quality, durable concrete tunnel segments

This high-range water reducing admixture is based on the new generation of polycarboxylate technology that incorporates state-of-the-art molecular engineering to provide fast wet-out of powder materials. Benefits to concrete production are:

  • Rapid cement dispersion
  • Superior early and ultimate strengths
  • Increased productivity
For information on BASF's expansion joints, visit the Watson Bowman Acme Corp. website.

Precast Concrete Tunnel Segment Products

MasterFinish RL 211

Reduces overall production costs | No solvent, no odor; no fume or flammability problems | Minimizes surface voids (bug holes) | Environmentally preferable and biodegradable

MasterRoc HR 603

Shorter mixing time in central mixers | Optimized concrete mixture costs | Greater batch-to-batch consistency

MasterLife SF 100

A passive corrosion-inhibiting admixture | Reduces chloride ingress | Reduces concrete conductivity

MasterSet DELVO

Offsets the effects of slump loss during extended delays | Reduces waste associated with concrete washwater and returned concrete
Precast Concrete Tunnel Segments

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