Post-crack control & replacement of traditional shrinkage

These unique fibers add superior bonding properties to the concrete matrix. The result is crack control and an extended service life of the concrete. Synthetic macrofibers, are manufactured from a proprietary blend of polypropylene resins, in compliance with ASTM C 1116/C 1116M. Macrofibers are specifically engineered for use as shrinkage and temperature (secondary) reinforcement and provides excellent plastic shrinkage control and reduced settlement cracking.

  • Improves green strength
  • Uniform distribution throughout the concrete mixture
  • Excellent finishability and post-first performance

Macrofiber Products

MasterFiber MAC 360 FF

Finishability | Blend of micro/macro | Permits earlier stripping of forms, with less rejection

MasterFiber MAC Matrix

Stick-like | Provides excellent control of settlement cracking | Eliminates the need for welded-wire reinforcement (WWR) and small diameter bars used as secondary reinforcement, depending on the application

MasterFiber MAC 100

Tape | Tensile strength of 60.000 psi (415 Mpa) | Increases flexural toughness, impact and shatter resistance

MasterFiber MAC 100 Plus

Tape | Canada | Tensile strength of 75,000 psi (515 MPa)

MasterFiber MAC 2200 CB

Chemically Bonding | Stick-like | Improves placement and finishing characteristics compared to traditional synthetic macrofibers

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